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Thread: Coffee

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    Ah Frappuchinos !!

    I love coffee, any time anywhere. Not a snob , as long as it came from a bean , I'm there cup in hand. The blast your head off kind of coffee is best. Oddly , I didn't start drinking it til I was almost thirty. This coincided with my move to a job that was late nights or all nights and having a few kids


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    Quote Originally Posted by MalibuPam
    The darker it is roasted, the more oily the bean looks. What I learned when roasting for myself was that a coffee roasted that dark is really overcooked and bordering on burned. Now, plenty of people like it that way, but to an experienced cupper, there are a whole host of subtle nuances of flavor that are lost. In other words, it doesn't matter so much anymore which estate in Java or Sumatra the bean is from, because roasted that dark, you can't tell them appart anymore. Now, could you tell them appart 3 shades lighter? Some people can. Probably most can't. If you buy a commercial grade of coffee that is mass produced on huge plantations (which is what you are buying unless you know for a fact it isn't--especially if it is already ground!), then it makes little difference. On the other hand, if you go out of your way to buy a specifc estate coffee, you are wasting your money to roast out the difference.
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    I love coffee!!! I think this addiction (and it seems to be one for me) began when I was in high school and that was 27 years ago. When I was first married I remeber making coffee on the stove in a little silver coffee pot that perked!!! Today I'll drink any kind of coffee except instant. I think the last time I had that I was in the hospital and was desparate!! I drink about 4 or 5 cups a day. Trying to wean off caffiene allittle and have purchased the 50/50 type for a couple of months now. Too many headaches and thought it could be the caffiene. (Or perhaps the cigarettes ) My favorite treat currently is Dunkin Donuts iced coffee with a shot of hazelnut syrup and cream. Short on cash and this is pretty cheap. I LOVE COFFEE!! I have a magnet on my frig which reads "My blood type is coffee"

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    Just thought I'd throw in that although I did not start drinking coffee until I was around 23, my mother picked up the habit at AGE 8. Times were hard during WWII, her parents were too busy working to keep tabs on what she was up to, so she helped herself to a cup of black coffee and took to it. Since the age of 8. She thinks I'm a wimp to take it with milk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    Peet's rocks my socks.

    I looooooove my coffee! Every morning I make six ounces of Peet's Major Dickason's Blend. Then I have a Starbucks drink with lunch (usually a Frappuchino, chocolate brownie used to be my drink, but they discontinued it ) and a cup of whatever kind of coffee my parent's decide to make after dinner.

    I also have certain drinks that I enjoy on special occasions. (At the ballet, I like to get a triple shot espresso during the first intermission, and my friend and I always eat chocolate-covered coffee beans during our late night Buffy-thons.)

    Now is the perfect opporunity to use my favorite smilie!

    Yes! Peet's is by far the best. Ethiopian Fancy is my favorite. I also keep my pantry stocked with several of Peet's loose teas...Black Currant and Earl Grey with Bergamot. For anyone who likes their Latte Lowfat or Nonfat, you must go to Peet's. They steam their milk so perfectly that you actually think it is a whole milk drink. Starbucks steams their milk to a high temp too quickly which almost scalds the lower fat milks. Peet's gets it up to temperature very slowly and it tastes great!

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    I don't feel I could survive without my coffee.....
    I only like Dunkins though.
    Lots of cream and even more sugar. I am going to the dr. tomorrow and they're going to tell me to cut down because I have this heart thing (my heart beats off a little) I forget the name of it but, coffee doesn't help.

    I'll NEVER quit it though.

    I drink 5 to 10 cups throughout the day and night. Very addicted.....
    worse things to be addicted to though!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HomerRules
    Shazzer, I think that if you try different coffees, you may find one you like. Come on over to the dark side and worship the all mighty coffee bean!

    no! Don't! I wish I never started it! I could own Dunkins with all the $ I spend! They all know me by my name and exactly what I want (in the whole city) that is bad......

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    There's a Starbucks near my school, so I can go there during lunch or free periods (we're allowed to leave the school for lunch or free's, as long as we don't get arrested or are late for class). I usually get Frappaucinos, but I sometimes get lattes or cappaucinos. They're so good, so good.
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    I posted elsewhere that I loathe Starbucks. I just don't care for their coffee or frap drinks. I just want regular coffee with some sugar and non-dairy creamer, since I can't have lattes anymore.

    I don't drink coffee all that often, but when I do I prefer Peet's. There's just something about their coffee that, IMO, is superior to everything else. If I really want coffee when I'm at work I'll walk the extra few blocks to get to Peet's (despite the three Starbucks I pass on the way).

    I think I'll make some (Peet's) coffee right now.

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    Does anyone else put a teaspoon of vanilla ice cream in the coffee instead of milk or cream? I do, sometimes.

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