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Thread: Coffee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    I love coffee! All coffee. No snobbery here. I love the smell of the coffee/tea aisle in the grocery store. I take it with one sugar and one milk. (Regular.) I would bathe in coffee, and sleep with it if I could. At one point I was up to 2 pots a day, and had developed a caffeine addiction. (Y'don't say!) So I've had to cut down to 2 cups a day. Best part of the day in my opinion.
    I only fill the coffee maker to seven cups for myself per day, now...that's cutting down. Being pregnant was hell in that I had to drink decaf

    Latte. Cappucino. Expresso. Flavoured creamers. Flavoured coffees. Starbucks. Tim Horton's, including their iced cappucinos Bring 'em all on, I love love LOVE my coffee. (I even like coffee-flavoured ice cream, and my favourite liquor is Kahula...mmm...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mariner
    I like Seattle's Best Coffee and Tully's better than Starbucks
    Unfortunately, Starbucks now owns Seattle's Best.

    My vote goes to Peet's. You can't throw a hackey sack in Seattle without hitting a coffee shop, but this California chain outrivals them all.

    Second best: Costco's Seattle Mountain coffee. Damn, that stuff's good and about $3 a pound. Don't get the Kirkland brand, though. Tastes like it's mixed with robusta.
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    I loooove coffee. I looove sweet tea. Unfortunately, with the diet I am on now, caffiene and sugar are no-nos. I adore Starbucks, and my drink of choice was a caramel-mocha frappucino with whipped cream. Now, my big "cheat" is an occasional iced sugar-free vanilla latte with non-fat milk.

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    I love my coffee...i have a few cups in the morning and another cup or three after dinner. Straight black coffee with nothing in it. Strong but not too, too strong.

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    I like mine ground in front of me, and as oily a bean as possible (its where all the flavor is).

    I get my beans out of a place in Poulsbo. So far, out on the island, we have withstood the onslaught of Starbucks (only one on Bainbridge Island, and that one is in a Safeway).

    My home brew is perfection. my work brew is trash. And BTW, they won't let me off the Ferry into Seattle without a cup of coffee in hand.

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    I drink coffee every day. I love Starbuck's Mocha Frappuccino's when I'm out of the house. But otherwise, every morning I must have my Bustelo espresso with a shot of Hazelnut Coffee Mate. I need it to wake me up and soothe me. I think I may be addicted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by senrik
    I like mine ground in front of me, and as oily a bean as possible (its where all the flavor is).
    Ok, question...what kind of flavor does the oil give it. Are oily beans more rich? I'm just curious...I buy coffee already ground so I have no clue about the beans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by averagejane
    Being pregnant was hell in that I had to drink decaf
    That's the only time in my adult life I didn't drink coffee, decaf or regular - when I was pregnant. One morning I took a sip of my usual uber-strong brew and spit it out for tasting vile. I thought someone had ashed in my cup, and no, I don't live with any smokers. My tastebuds did a complete and utter rejection. There was nothing wrong with the coffee, it just turns out I was preggers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood
    Ok, question...what kind of flavor does the oil give it. Are oily beans more rich? I'm just curious...I buy coffee already ground so I have no clue about the beans.
    The darker it is roasted, the more oily the bean looks. What I learned when roasting for myself was that a coffee roasted that dark is really overcooked and bordering on burned. Now, plenty of people like it that way, but to an experienced cupper, there are a whole host of subtle nuances of flavor that are lost. In other words, it doesn't matter so much anymore which estate in Java or Sumatra the bean is from, because roasted that dark, you can't tell them appart anymore. Now, could you tell them appart 3 shades lighter? Some people can. Probably most can't. If you buy a commercial grade of coffee that is mass produced on huge plantations (which is what you are buying unless you know for a fact it isn't--especially if it is already ground!), then it makes little difference. On the other hand, if you go out of your way to buy a specifc estate coffee, you are wasting your money to roast out the difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by libra1022

    Mariner, just a note...I'm not sure if Starbucks and Seattle's Best are all that different since they are the same company. (Starbucks bought SeaBest about 8 months ago) I've often wondered myself if there really was any taste difference, just a difference in packaging
    The last time I had Seattle's Best it still tasted like Seattle's Best. They also bought Torrefazzione (sp?) at the same time. I think they haven't merged in or changed the two companies' products too much so far. I hope they don't.

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