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Thread: Airfares

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDHeninger
    John found theee best deal ever!.... Again, thanks John.
    Is there anything he can't do?
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    Ask the folks at www.flyertalk.com, they are awesome at deals

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    FYI- there is a website- www.biddingfortravel.com- that tells you the going rates on priceline. It is sorted by type (hotel, airfare, car) then by city. you submit the dates and necessary info, and they will tell you the best rate you are likely to get from priceline to avoid 'overbidding.'

    it also has which hotels priceline uses and reviews of the hotels as well. i see you already have your ticket, but in the future, it may be helpful.

    i have not traveled since new year's, so i have not used the site since then, but it is very helpful once you learn your way around.

    another "name your price" site is hotwire.com

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