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Thread: What things do you splurge on?

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    What things do you splurge on?

    *Looked through the first 10 pages, didn't see a thread on this, if this is (again) somewhat of a double post. Sorry about that*

    Yes, whether we're filthy rich, or just normal people, with a decent amount of cash per month, per year. We all tend to spend too much on something, or SOME THINGS.

    So yes, what do YOU tend to spend too much on? Clothes? Books? MOvies? CD's? and how much on average do you spend on them? per hour? per day? per week?

    I probably spend way too much on food, considering my talent to cookin is next to zero, i eat out or eat take out about everyday. more practical, no dishes, nothing..... so i probably do end up spending a small fortune on take out, but not that much

    CD's - i think monthly i tend to blow about 150++ on CD's.

    I splurge a lot on guitar accessories and stuff. I got myself now 3 sets of amplifyers, two sound mixers, now *cough* five guitars. I run out a small fortune there, but unlike many other things, all of these I do not go cheap on, this is the type of thing I want the best-of-the-best.

    Of course, hair accessories haha as a guy, that's quite pathetic to admit. THe amount of cash i spend on hair wax, plus the fact that i only WANT a certain brand :rolleyes

    Surprinsingly i really cheap out on clothes ..

    So yeah, what about U? what do you go OVERBOARD with in spending?

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    I really don't splurge on anything besides maybe getting one or two major electronics (digital camera/camcorder, computer, cell phone) a year.

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    The things I splurge on usually have to do with sound. I finished off a sound system in my room a few years ago now I am waiting to get some money going so I can do the system in my car, can't wait to pound it there too

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    Since I have children, I don't really splurge, gotta be careful with $$$.

    I do love buying clothes (especially for the kids), and make-up though.

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    hangin' with the girls drinking Cosmos
    clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses
    I can only please one person a day, today is not your day and tomorrow doesn't look good either

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    Clothes for my daughter and as girls, we LOVE our shoes and handbags!

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    Shampoo and Conditioner. I'm a happier woman with some quaility hair products.
    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."- Yoda

    "I'll just see where Providence takes me and try to look like I got there confidently." - Craig Ferguson

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    Gosh - I splurge on alot, but I'd have to say that my number one splurge is on clothes - I love Juicy Couture, Earl Jeans, Blue Cult and Custo Barcelona! So cute and comfy! I could care less about the price. Actually, now that I think about it I am that way with everything - cars, hair, food... I must have been rich in a past life.

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