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Thread: mac and cheese???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    *Paging Dr. Zaaam!*

    Sometimes I put tabasco on my KD. Would that have the same medicinal benefits as cayenne?
    Sorry I couldn't answer your page ealier, I had a patient.
    I am not sure what "your KD" is, however...
    Cayenne Pepper is made from the dried pods of pungent chili peppers. Capsaicin is the source of the heat in hot peppers. Which includes jalapeno peppers and habanero peppers. It also contributes to the heat in cayenne, chili pepper, and red pepper sauces, like tabasco sauce.
    Hot peppers boost the metabolic rate, which burns extra calories,
    and can help prevent the formation of dangerous blood clots, acting as a natural blood thinner.
    Hot and spicy foods are very good for you. Hotter is healthier, imo

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    Thanks! (KD = Kraft Dinner.)

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    Thanks AR Boy for your cheese sauce recipe, I'll try it.

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    I love Annie's Mac & cheese best...it is all natural and taste great, honestly it does. You can buy Annie's brand in most stores too. There are lots of varieties also...check it out some time, you won't be disappointed
    (there is a on the lable)

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    AR Boy
    ^ Oh Hell, there's no natural Mac and cheese on supermarket shelves in HK haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texicana
    The Stouffer's frozen macaroni and cheese is good, but really rich and heavy. I can never finish off even the little size.
    I always thought home-made was best, but that was before I tried Stouffer's. Unfortunately, the kids much prefer Kraft. They'll eat the Stouffer's lasagna though. Go figure. Sometimes, I'll get the medium size of both for the four of us.

    Hmmmmmmmmm, here I was thinking what to have for dinner tonight. Now I know. Thanks!
    "Fish are friends, not food, but everything else is fair game." ~ Pating, Survivor Cagayan Pool

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    AR Boy
    IMO Stouffer's Mac and Cheese ain't suitable for kids
    Too strong in odour and flavour departments for kids.

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    I think Stouffers is too rich...

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