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Thread: mac and cheese???

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    in the kitchen, darling!
    The Stouffer's frozen macaroni and cheese is good, but really rich and heavy. I can never finish off even the little size.

    I love all sorts of hot peppers, and it's a great way to kick up your food without adding calories
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jewelsy
    I'll have some Mac and Cheese with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy.
    MMMMM that's been my lunch at work the past couple of days!! We use the Stouffer's frozen stuff at work and if you get it just a pinch under cooked so that it's plenty creamy still with the cheese sauce it's the bestest thing

    Quote Originally Posted by texicana
    I find that if you ignore the amount of milk the directions suggest and just add a teeny splash, you get some better mac
    I totally agree with ya on that sis!! After living for years with somebody that was lactose intolerant I got used to making my Kraft mac-n-cheese without milk at all, now I put just a teeny tiny bit in there with plenty of black pepper and it's great...much better than with the full amount they say on the milk.

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    I love Mac and Cheese...Kraft kind, off brand kind, home made kind

    but you can't add anything to it, it has to be pure Mac and Cheese
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    I love Mac and Cheese. What kind of cheese do you use to make home made mac and cheese? I'd love to try a recipe if someone has.

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    I just can't dig mac n' cheese, yo. It's so...retro. (Not to mention anathema to the health-conscious.)

    Baked mac n' cheese is especially nasty, IMO. Takes away from the smoothness and creamy texture of the cheese.

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    AR Boy
    Mac n cheese with hotdogs are fantastic. Also with Mash is good. If you say no to that, you're living in denial.

    But yea I prefer fresh even though Kraft is tasty...

    I am a Dried food pooper (I studied Food Tech at school...) I'm saying this for your health's sake. If you really love Kraft Mac n Cheese and can't live without it, DON'T READ what is posted below (read ARBOY'S RECIPE AT 2.)... here goes:
    ______________________________ _____________________


    Kraft fans? Read the ingredient label of that cardboard box or packet...

    Stouffers fans? good stuff, just don't whiff it. Also, MSG is not on the label, but some other complicated crap is writted on there so Monosodium Glutumate doesn't show up. As long as MSG isn't in large doses it's ok

    Also that wax coating you find on Instant noodles to make it not stick together? Found on Kraft's pasta.

    But yea... Home style all the way as it is easier to control calories and preservative+additives.

    ______________________________ ________________


    I'll give you my cheese sauce recipe if a Kraft fan accidentally read the above or you want a nice easy recipe:
    3 tsp Margarine
    2 tsp flour (wholemeal or plain)
    50g cheddar or 25g parmeasen or gouda if you're on a diet
    375ml milk [ a touch of cream beaten into here makes it a lot better too)
    1. Heat Margarine over saucepan until melted.
    2. add 2 tsp flour. (Please do this over high heat... or it'll have a floury taste-make sure it doesn't curdle as well.)
    3. Add milk and stir until thickened (Or a can of cream of mushroom soup with a tin of water [Small cans of Campbells-Large cans don't do this as it already has that water])
    4. Add cheese in gradually (make sure it is shredded)
    5. Serve.

    Also, this sauce goes great with small vegi slices such as carrots, peas, corn, mushrooms etc. Also steamed beef (low in fat+tasty) or maybe fried if you don't want to steam it.

    Results in a nice creamy, smooth sauce. Pasta is self explainatory.

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    I love mac and cheese but only the original (elbow macaroni and cheddar). I don't like the spirals or the white cheese. I like to add cut-up hot dogs or bacon, yum, yum, yum.

    Has anyone tried the microwaveable m/c? Don't. The noodle is too mushy and gross.

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    Any kind, anytime, anywhere. Love the stuff. Of course, I prefer the homemade kind where the cheese is a little burnt on top, or it has breadcrumbs, but I'll eat the Kraft kind if that is all there is!
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    I used to "make" the mac and cheese from a box. Once I tried to make it with the wrong cheese and you wouldn't believe how stringy it was!

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    I like Mac & Cheese...it's gotta be the thick & creamy boxed Kraft! MMmmmMMMmmm!!
    I do add cream of mushroom into mine also...it's delicious!!

    If my mac & cheese is dry, I can't eat it..it's gotta be super creamy!!

    Zaaam is the QUEEN of Cayenne Pepper!! She'll eat it in anything, no joke. She forced* me to eat a palm-full of it Saturday night. Instant migraine, I about died!!

    *ok. Maybe not FORCED. But she shouldn't have offered it to me while I was drunk!
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