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Thread: My groupies, my homeboys...

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    My groupies, my homeboys...

    My son is almost 8 and he is just beginning to experience the natural tendency to settle in with certain "social circle groups" that of course have nick-names for easy identification. Some of the nick-names of groups at his school that he was telling me about made me laugh. I guess this is affirmation that some things never change, only the lingo.

    So it made me curious, when you were in school, what were some of the nick-names for particular groups of people that hung out together? When I was in school, I remember "preppies", "stoners", "heads", "jocks", "bow heads", "band geek". Or, if you have older children, what do they call their social groups nowadays? I need to be hip and cool people-HELP!
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    My daughter is a fresman in high school, and she refers to the preps, goths (kids in gothic dress), jocks, and band nerds. You mentioned "band geeks" - she would be very quick to point out that a band geek is a total OUTCAST in the band world - that is the worst thing they can be called (which I always call her in fun!) . . .but a "band nerd" is cool! Go figure!
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    when i was in highschool it was the basics
    * jocks/cheerleaders
    * burnouts (aka freaks/stoners)
    * preppies
    * nerds (aka brains)

    I have heard my kids and other local teens use terms like:
    * poser
    * wigger
    * wannabe
    * skater-boi
    * goth
    * freak (but used to describe a person as being very sexual)

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    I'm a senior in high school and we dont really have groups with names...if we did I would probably be a cheerleader who fit into the nerd group...b/c of my obsession with message boards and my love of Clay Aiken. My school must not be very creative, b/c we really dont have names for our groups

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    We had a variety

    art fags
    many racial splits
    actually, mostly split on racial except for the 4 above
    Then their were the gangs. . . .
    I of course, rode the outer waves of all groups. . .

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    I am the same as you Dorthy. We never really had names for groups. I am only one year out of high school and we never had names for them. There was one group no one liked and we had many names for them I can't repeat. Other than that you would just say 'someones name' and them. And people would know who you were talking about.

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    Our school is so small that it's hard for cliques to start... since I go to a boarding school, people are usually lumped together by where they live, such as Day Students... but other than that, no real cliques. This year, at least.

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    Lets see--
    We have the

    Asian Dorks/asian nerds
    Asian Gangsta wannabes
    Band Geeks- note. all band people at our school are considered geeks, there is no middle ground
    Drama Freaks
    Jocks-- of which I am one

    and it goes on and on

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    Ahh, memories.

    We had the cheerleaders (affectionately known as "the screw crew"), the football players, who pretended to be cool, though their only real achievement was not on the field--highest average GPA in the state The goths were also the thespians, the band was all geeks, and there was a huge line between the lexus/porsche/bmw drivers and the bus riders (very "pretty in pink"-esque). But the elite crust was made up of the Honor Students (who were mostly from the rich crowd, too.) It was a strange dynamic.

    I recently heard of a new group from a high school aged friend, for ineedalife to sound cool -- "emos" (people who listen to depressing "emo" music and float around with a jaded, vaguely suicidal air.)
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