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Thread: My groupies, my homeboys...

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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    I was my own group, and I still am.
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    Quote Originally Posted by masashi
    I went to a private school with many international people, so there were many many different cliques:

    - The Indo Group (indonesians)
    - Americans (Americans ) *duh* haha..
    - Locals (Singaporeans)
    - Japs (Japanese)
    - K's (Koreans)
    - Beijings (Chinese)
    - Jocks (sports peeps)
    - Bimbo (bimbo club)
    - Wannabes (people who try to hard to be something their not)
    - Poseurs (they got the image, but dont have the atitude AT ALL)
    - Smart-asses (intellects)
    - slackers (people who come to school, yet still skip class)

    my school has those, but a few more to add

    - THe IB'erZ (the special program people, for the branies )
    - Sleepers (people who just sleep in class, on break...etc)

    I was an "IB'er" yup, supposevely one of the brainy ones but not really

    Good thread!

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    My school had a very distinct racial split, because British Columbia (it's in Canada.. ) had a lot of people come over from Hong Kong and Taiwan in the mid 90's. Because of that we had the English speakers, and the Non-English speakers..

    So we had..

    The Cool Asians who didn't speak English and didn't associate with anyone except for the other Cool Asian Non-English speakers.

    The Math Geeks who all were Asian Non-English speakers.. they kept to themselves as well.

    The 'Cool Girls', who would be the cheerleaders if we had cheerleaders at my school. They were only cool in their own mind though. Nobody really paid much attention to them.

    The Dumb Jocks, who tended to date the 'Cool Girls'.. but were actually part of the next group..

    The Intelligent yet still Popular Outdoorsy People. There was a special program at my school which attracted a lot of people from other schools. The program was only for grade 10, so afterward, some stayed, others left, but as a majority of these people were originally from my HS (we did grades 8-12 in one school), and they formed a very tight clique, as they were all in this special program together for an entire year. They then brought in their old friends from when they were in grades 8 and 9, so in grade 11, the Popular, yet still intelligent people were the ones who really were cool. Not because they thought they were, but because they were the largest visible group. They were also the pot smokers, and the alcoholics.. quite an oxymoron I know.. Boozers, pot smokers.. yet still very intelligent.. Don't tell those people who are telling us that drugs are bad.. that'd ruin the image..

    The Not so Popular, Intelligent Outdoorsy People. They weren't part of the previous clique, but they were still on friendly/speaking terms with those people. They would be considered the #2 group.

    The Techies. I know this is probably shocking, but theatre and band and yearbook were not frowned upon in my HS. Everyone wanted to be part of it in some way. A lot of people in the other cliques would venture into these aspects of school life. The problem was for those who were not part of the other 2 cliques.. these were the Techies.. and they were kind of strange. They were the typical outcasts, with bad fashion sense and were into 'unusual' things. They were actually pretty nice if you got to know them, but they tended to stick to themselves.

    Then there was the not so pretty, but nice girls. Nobody didn't like them, but nobody really paid much attention to them.

    I had a strange experience in that, I kind of bounced around the different groups. I was never in with the Jocks, I was never really in with the #1 group, but I had friends who were part of the group.. I wasn't a 'Cool Girl', but surprisingly at the time (not so much now, it all kinda makes sense) I didn't really have a problem with them, and they were all pretty nice to me. We didn't hang out or anything, but they didn't treat me like dirt.. and I actually became quite friendly with one of them in college. I tended to hang out with the #2 group, but only really associated with a few of them on a regular basis. Half of us were partiers, and the other half were.. well.. religious. I was a partier..

    But hey, school's over, and I've run into people from all the different groups, and now, I belong to my own group.. and high school seems very far away. (It's been 5 years. I know.. not that long..)

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