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Thread: FORTers' consumer reports

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    Re: FORTers' consumer reports

    Thanks everyone for the spanx input (and for the entertaining visuals!).
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    Re: FORTers' consumer reports

    I LOVE asking about products in this thread. People really come through for you!
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

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    Re: FORTers' consumer reports

    Quote Originally Posted by prhoshay
    Here's a serious question: What happens when you're wearing Spanx, and you have gas? I know it sounds silly, but it can be a major concern. Does the gas just move around, or can it be expelled?
    With a few accessories you could dress as a sumo wrestler for Halloween.
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    Re: FORTers' consumer reports

    Quote Originally Posted by prhoshay View Post
    I LOVE asking about products in this thread. People really come through for you!
    I found it by accident, but I have enjoyed reading it!
    The average dog is a nicer person than the average person
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    Re: FORTers' consumer reports

    A few years ago I switched my light bulbs to the long life kind, eg. at Home Depot $10 for 2. They're initially expensive but last REALLY long, like 3+ years, and since the regular kind was about $3 for 4 and I was going through 5 packs every 3 to 4 months, the long life price was worth it over time. The problem that I have is I can never match the color of the new bulbs. Since I go years without having to buy them, I forget what kind I had before. Now my house has half "yellow" light ("indoor" light) and half "blue" light (really bright, day outside color). I can live with the color difference, but I was wondering if there was anyone on here who had a favorite kind and/or brand/color recommendation.

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    Re: FORTers' consumer reports

    Good question about the bulbs. I recently read an article about the new bulbs and our federally mandated law that we must transition the old ones out.

    Apparently, the look of the new bulb is what consumers don't like. I always thought it was me who saw the differnce, but it's not. It's a big deal. The article referred to certain brands that had the new bulb, but with the soft glow of the old bulb the public is used to seeing. I can't recall where I read the article though. I'll try to find it. The ones with the old look, do cost more though.

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    Re: FORTers' consumer reports

    I hate the color of light emitted by the bulbs I've bought.

    My biggest issue though is that these bulbs contain mercury. Most people don't recycle them properly - they just throw them in the trash. It won't be long before groundwater will be contaminated with mercury.

    And a newer concern is that these bulbs may increase your risk of skin cancer:

    Study: Some Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs May Put Health At Risk CBS Miami

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    Re: FORTers' consumer reports

    The new LED ones don't contain mercury. They're ridiculously expensive though. They make the CFL's look cheap.
    From what I've heard they're also going to phase out the CFL's after the standard bulbs are gone. The mercury thing is a large part of the reason. Who the heck came up with that dumb idea anyhow? Those things break really easily. Supposedly there's not much mercury in them, but that's like saying there's not much strychnine in that burger.
    Mercury is forever! It never dissapates or wears off in our bodies. It just keeps accumulating. Kind of like asbestos.
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    Re: FORTers' consumer reports

    I heard a story on NPR a few days ago about light bulbs that was extremely helpful. When I went back to look for it later, I found an even more helpful guide that boiled down the information. It even has info about the rating that indicates the type of light you are looking for (soft vs outdoor vs fluorescent):
    NPR's Guide To Changing Light Bulbs : NPR

    I don't think I have purchased an LED bulb yet (other than our under cabinet lights in the kitchen), but after hearing this stuff I might try them. I really like the idea of having a bulb work for 20 years!!

    This is the original audio story I heard, which also includes the text version of the FAQ.
    Watts The Deal? Demystifying LEDs, CFLs, Halogens And More : NPR
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    Re: FORTers' consumer reports

    I just purchased a Swiffer Jet Mop, and LOVE it! I know many people have these, and most everyone has told me they love theirs. It really cleans well, and makes the room you're mopping smell so good. This beats a sponge mop any day!
    "Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen." ~ Orhan Pamuk

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