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Thread: Veneers:good or bad?

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    I got veneers on my top four front teeth about 7 years ago, purely for cosmetic reasons, and am glad I did it. Mostly because I had a really good dentist. I've moved since then, and every dentist I've seen since has commented on what a great job this guy did on my veneers.

    I was scared that they'd look like 'chompers' but they don't. They look very natural. I did it because my middle two top teeth were a little longer than the ones next to them and one was slightly twisted. It's one of those things that probably wasn't really noticeable to others, but it bothered me (since I am otherwise perfect ). Braces would have only partially fixed the problem, because the teeth still were varying lengths and it wasn't possible to just file them down.

    I didn't get the pearly white color because I only did four teeth and the rest of my teeth aren't quite pearly white so it would have looked weird. I didn't tell anyone I knew that I was doing it, and as far as I know no one even noticed - at least no one said anything or looked at me funny. It may sound strange, but that is what I wanted to happen. I did it for myself and not to please anyone else.

    The doc told me these veneers would last 20 years or so, but who knows? They get a little sore if I eat something that is really tough and I have to tear it with my teeth - like sourdough bread crust. But I just avoid doing that and they are fine.

    I will say explore all other options first. If braces and whitening will work, try it first. Not only is it cheaper, but nothing beats your real teeth. I'm not trying to sell anyone on veneers. Just saying that if you decide to get them, it is possible to be happy with them.

    Now, having them put in was rather grueling, but it wasn't horrible. It took a few visits to the dentist to get everything done. This guy was really careful, and it was kind of a hassle at the time, but I appreciate it now. He even sent me to the lab to make sure they got the color exactly right - most dentists just do that themselves. (I think the lab guy must have been top notch, too.) And I took a bathroom break after he did the grinding on my teeth. I couldn't resist looking in the mirror - and I wish I hadn't done that. It's scary. But it was worth it.

    If I had the money (and the time), I might go back to this guy and have him give me pearly whites all the way around. (Since I am otherwise perfect, you know.)

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    This thread reminds me of one of my favorite pages from the web site, "Awful Plastic Surgery."

    Gary Busey and His Chiclet Teeth

    Okay, now I think we should get an expert in here for her professional opion.

    "Paging ToothDoc. Paging ToothDoc to the "Veneers:good or bad?" thread!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pomeraniac
    "Paging ToothDoc. Paging ToothDoc to the "Veneers:good or bad?" thread!!!
    Hi Pom,
    I got your page. I don't know how I missed this thread when it 1st went up.

    Veneers are a wonderful tool if used in the right cases. Chach's case is a pretty good example.

    They are good for:
    1. Teeth have been hit and turned dark.
    2. Tetracycline stained teeth.
    3. Small or peg laterals (teeth 1 away from the middle ones).
    4. Teeth of varying length and slight misalignments.
    5. Closing small spaces b/t teeth. You have to be careful with proportions. The width of the tooth should be about 75% of the length. Too long and narrow look like horse teeth. Too short and fat look silly also.

    They are contraindicated in:
    1. Teeth with big cavities are fillings.
    2. Patient's who grind their teeth. Even with a splint they can chip the edges.

    With veneers you have very little tooth reduction unlike with a crown. You remove no more than .5mm of tooth on the front and extend a little between the teeth. I lab needs a small smooth edge to meet the porcelain. If you have had a tooth ground to a tree stump than you have an all porcelain crown, not a veneer. To get the best results if you are going for esthetics is to do canine to canine. Then the shade all blends and looks natural. Just like with crowns, if you have one, as the natural teeth change shades over time the crown or veneer will jump out at you in appearance.

    Hope this helps. Any questions?


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    ToothDoc, can someone who has a crossbite get veneers? (For tetracycline stains, not the bite itself)

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    DJ--not to ask the obvious, but have you talked to your dentist about whatever the problem is? Certainly as you describe it braces/maybe with a pulled tooth or two for more space, sound like a better solution. What does s/he say?

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