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Thread: Aren't Grandparents Great

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    I only really knew one of my grandparents, my mom's mother. Which was fine, because she was the greatest lady in the world. She passed away 7 years ago and I still miss her horribly, and I'll always be sad she never got to see my daughters. I like to think she can see them from where she is, though

    My husband has one living grandmother and she is a wonderful woman whom I love dearly. She can't replace my Nan, but I'm glad she's part of my life now
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    Jane I felt the same way about my husband's grandmother. We were close friends till the day she died. She was the only one in his family who treated my two kids, from a previous marriage, as if they were part of the family. She has been dead for years and I still miss her. His grand dad was great too. We were big buddies.

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    I always say that my grandparents raised my sister and I for half of our lives. Up until the time my mom got sick and couldn't work anymore (I guess I was 11 or 12 then), we were with my grandparents every day after school until bedtime, every weekend, and every summer - all summer long. I don't really remember seeing my parents much during that time. I also always say that anything good that I might have in me is there because of my grandparents. They were incredible people.

    Probably the proudest moment of my life was when my grandfather was being wheeled in for what would be his last surgery before he passed away. My mom and I were walking down the hall with him, and he was bragging about me to the orderly who was taking him into surgery. He referred to me as "his daughter." My mom corrected him and said, "You mean your granddaughter," and he said, "No, I mean my daughter." It's been ten years since he passed away, and this memory still brings tears to my eyes. I miss them both more than words can say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dreaminginblond
    The thing that comes to mind when I think of grandparents is the fact that my son's grandparents ARE SOOOOO NOT the same people that raised me!
    This is so very true!

    Awww, this thread is so great!

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    This is such a great thread! I had fantastic grandparents...maternal grandmother came to the US from England. She taught me how "lovely" a cup of tea could be. She was a sweetheart. My paternal grandmother came from Arkansas. She taught me how to cook with bacon grease and polish off a whole custard pie before my Grandad got home. I never knew my real grandfathers...they died way before I was born. My Grandad was really the only grandfather I ever knew...and he was awesome! I got lucky with grandparents, that's for sure!

    As a Grandma now...I'm like Muduh....I spoil 'em rotten. I can't help it. I really try not to (since my grandaughter - age 4, and my grandson - age 1 1/2, have every conceivable thing they would ever need or want). My grandaughter has her own computer, tv in her room, sattelite dish a collection of DVD's that would rival Blockbuster...the list goes on.... My grandson has a lot of stuff too....they slowed down with him though...he doesn't have his own computer or tv yet (maybe they realized that babies and toddlers really don't need all that stuff?). I buy little things for the kids though...like stickers and bubbles and playdoh. I also spoil them with my time since I have been known to spend an entire day playing with the stickers, bubbles and playdoh Oh, and having Fruit Loop tea parties...I do that a lot. I hate Fruit Loops, by the way )

    I'm really glad God invented Grandparents. My life is so much better because He did
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