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Thread: Second Languages

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    plaisirs volatils raindance's Avatar
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    Phat! Nei Hou ma? ( That was an attempt to say 'How are you' in Cantonese)

    Chinese is my second language, English is my first. I do know how to speak Cantonese too.

    I'm planning to take up either French or Spanish as well.
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    Je parle francais et anglais. L'anglais est ma langue primaire mais vu que je reste a Montreal, j'ai appris le francais tres jeune. Yo hablo un poquito espanol.

    (I speak french and english. English is my first language but living in Montreal, I learnt french at a young age. I also speak a little spanish)

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    Of course English is my first language, but the "Norn Iron" version which visitors to our fair land may think is a foreign language.
    Although i gained a grades in Fench at school, it was useless when I went to France. All the school stuff was written so I could barely understand a word spoken. I can make more sense of written French and can find my way around a french menu. That's the most important thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boredouttamind
    I hablo english y espanol. English es mi primero language, and spanish is my second language.

    Yep, that's about it. Sorry for subjecting you to pretty bad spanglish
    Hola, bored. Mi espanol es malo tambien.

    Or something like that.
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    My first language is French. I learned English when I was about 2 years old. Like Dfleming, I'm teaching myself how to speak Spanish but I'll have some real courses next year. I'll also be learning German and possibly Italian.
    If it counts as a language, I am fluent in LSF (French sign language.)
    I would love to learn it in English.

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    My first language is English and my second language is Spanglish..lol Growing up we spoke mainly english but sometimes my mother would speak spanish. Actually my spanish is decent. When Im in Mexico for a while its gets good
    I would love to learn French!
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    I took French for 6 years in school and nothing clicked. When I was in grade 6 I had the best French teacher. I started picking things up but once I moved onto higher grades it got boring and the teachers were too confusing and I dropped it. I am fluent in ebonics though.

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    Well. Norwegian is my first language & native tongue... although living in the US my first language is quickly changing into English... nevertheless, English IS my second language and I also know Spanish and enough German to get me through Germany :-)

    Also I studied Swedish & Danish in university, even tho those languages are similar to Norwegian....you'd be surprise how many Danes & Swedes I've had to communicate with in English up through the years :-) (I'm sure its the same with a lot of Norwegians)

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    English. And I know just enough basic, present-tense Spanish to feel my way through it and have simple conversations with native speakers!

    I'd love to become totally proficient in Spanish, though.

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    First Language - Japanese
    Second Language - English
    Begginer in Mandarin (Chinese)

    Know some cuss words in Malay, indo and German though.. haha... yes my international vocabulary list!

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