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Thread: Practical Jokes in the workplace

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    Practical Jokes in the workplace

    Both of my bosses and I are Practical Jokers in the office.

    Two weeks ago, I had to go down to the Portland office to attend to some ornery clients. Well, while I was there, the Office Manager was out. Now the other people in the office were telling me all these stories about him, and the strangest thing: there were pictures of Canned Corn everywhere.

    Apparently the Office Mgr has a phobia or something about Creamed corn. So since he wasn't there, i decided to have a little fun, by changing his background and Screen saver to that of creamed corn.....

    Needless to say he wasn't happy. He seemed to think that those JPG's were preventing his machine from running..... (nothing of the sort).

    I got reamed by him for it, but of course my bosses thought it hillarious...

    Moral to this story: never ever give your Password to your Network Admin, particularly if he/she likes to pull pranks...

    Anyone have stories?

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    AR Boy
    switch the route numbers and destination rolls with other buses... I did this once and my Dad wasn't very happy about it hahahaaha
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    Where's corn lady? She'll love this story.
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    My co-worker emptyed the hole punch bin our our large capacity copier into a 2 gallon bucket and scattered them all over the Project Coordinator's office. She still has little white dots come out of her air vent when the heat kicks on, and this was a year ago.

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    This isn't my story, it's my husband's -

    My husband shares an office with 2 women. The company raffled off a couple of "treat" baskets for Easter, and R (one of the women) won a basket full of those little foil-wrapped chocolate eggs. She keeps the basket on her desk and apparently eats them throughout the day (you know, mindless reaching for chocolate just 'cause it's there). The other woman in the office, J, had gotten a bunch of those eggs at Easter and didn't want them anymore, so she brought them to work and emptied them in R's basket. R didn't notice, but commented to J and my husband that she just couldn't seem to finish her basket of eggs.

    My husband, being evil, bought a huge bag of the same chocolate eggs and he and J have been putting a few in R's basket every day. She STILL hasn't caught on, and she's still wondering aloud how she hasn't managed to eat all her eggs yet
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    I had a boss once who HATED the color pink. Wouldn't have anything to do with anything that was pink - no matter what it was. How he managed to raise three girls I'll never know. (I always told him that only men who were secure in their masculinity could handle the color!)

    Well, I also work in an office of practical jokers, and one April Fool's day he became their target. First, they changed the background color on his screen to pink - every screen - no matter what he did - was pink.

    They also climbed up and took the clear covers off of the flourescent lights in his office, put pink cellophane on the inside of the covers, and then put the covers back up over the lights. When he walked into his office and turned his lights on, his entire office was bathed in a warm, pink glow!

    These are the same jokesters who took a huge, square sponge, decorated it like a cake, and put it in the kitchen with a knife and some plates setting beside it. It was hilarious to watch everyone try to cut a piece of cake.

    Thet also unscrewd the very end of the faucet in the kitchen (where the water comes out) and put powdered koolaid in it, and rescrewed it. When the unsuspecting person (which just happened to be me!) turned on the water, koolaid spewed out from all directions (because it couldn't be screwed all the way back on). Yeah, I really LOVED that one! I was wearing white that day . . . WAS wearing white!
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    omg that's hilarious chresley! I am going to use that cellophane in the flourescent lights thing in my playroom! what a great idea.
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    My job has nothing to do with computers yet certain people know nothing about them, screw them up, and expect help if no one else is around. These same people are also annoying and a good candididate for some fun.

    A good start is to change their keyboard settings or to reconfigure their mouse. If they don't even know how change the wallpaper or screen saver, put some messages on them that they won't be able to fix.

    One person was the last straw for me and everyone else at work. They got the constantly rebooting computer. Add a shortcut in the Startup menu for this location: "%windir%system32shutdown.exe -r -t 00" This makes the computer shutdown every time it starts. (if someone does it to you, hold the "shift" key when it's booting to bypass it and then go and delete the shortcut.)
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    We did something similar with the three hole punch... We threw about a years worth in the air conditioning intake and it snowed in our office for about a month!

    One I love on the computer is to go into the Auto correct in their word processor and change a few words around... We changed one guys so that whenever he typed is title (Vice President of Sales) it came out as... Well lets just say it came out as something else...
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    Quote Originally Posted by brusch
    One person was the last straw for me and everyone else at work. They got the constantly rebooting computer. Add a shortcut in the Startup menu for this location: "%windir%system32shutdown.exe -r -t 00" This makes the computer shutdown every time it starts. (if someone does it to you, hold the "shift" key when it's booting to bypass it and then go and delete the shortcut.)
    Well there was also the one where I took a screen shot of someone's desktop (with start menu), disabled their icons and moved their start menu.
    Now using the screen shot as a desktop background.... just try and open your desktop icons.....

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