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Thread: Unscientific poll: School Uniforms

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luna
    We even have to wear the official school socks, which has the school crest on it.
    My school was very strict also. The socks, shoes, blazers, skirts, shirts, were all part of the uniform. I saw on here where someone said they could be creative with their shoes or whatever...not true, most schools that have uniforms require everything but your underwear to be exactly alike. Even our backpacks were the same. And I can assure you that if anyone dared to come to school with pink hair or a nose ring they would have been expelled.

    I know that anyone who ever attended a parochial school can feel me.
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    I went to Catholic school from grades 4-8 and we had uniforms that were fairly ugly. At the time I didn't really like them, but when I look back on it, they were really convenient. The one thing that I didn't like was that girls couldn't wear make-up or nail polish, which was really only a problem in 7th or 8th grade. Boys couldn't have earrings, have long hair, or shave their heads. We had "out of uniform" days as rewards sometimes, usually about twice a month. All in all, it wasn't really that bad...
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    As far as the public school system goes:

    Uniforms: NO
    Dress Code: YES

    Here's how I, a single person with no kids, sees it: Since the public school system is funded by the government, I don't think the government should force the school districts to go to a school uniform (i.e., exact same thing for the boys, the exact same thing for girls)

    However, a dress code, which is different from a school uniform is fine by me. While it is important to express individuality, I also believe that school is a learning environment not only for academia but for life as well. Saggy jeans down to your ass, or midriff belly shirts and hiphuggers are not the answer to finding success in the real world (unless you plan on becoming a drug dealer or porn star). There are still many ways to express your individual personality without having to dress to the extreme. Over the top clothing only distracts from a learning environment.

    Of course, at the expense of sounding naive, I can only share my viewpopint as I have no kids at the moment and I was never forced to wear a uniform or adhere to a dress code while in public school. I'm sure I'll change my mind when I have kids, or maybe I won't. But I get the willies when public school systems are forcing the young to engage in George Orwellian actvities. Just my opinion....
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    I guess it depends on how strict the dresscode is. I mean, if everything has to be the same, aka same tie, same shirt, same blazer, then no. However, at my school, it's a formal dress, but as long as it's formal and you have a tie, shirt tucked in, etc. you're in dress code, so it'll pass. And it really does work well to stop the stressing of 'what am I going to wear' in the morning

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    Quote Originally Posted by lalol
    I don't mind uniforms, as long as they make it comfortable.
    Definitely in agreement with you, lalol. In lower school, I had to wear uniforms one day a week (weird tradition thing, I know). It was just a collared shirt and pants. As long as it's not a constricting and stuffy one, I don't mind uniforms so much. We have a dress code...collared shirts, no jeans except for "special" days, shirt tucked in, belt, etc. Instead of uniforms, guys in upper school have to wear a nice shirt and tie and girls in upper school have to wear a dress/skirt. I only mind because it gets kind of hot down here sometimes. But, this is only one day a week (Mondays). Sometimes though...I'd kill to wear really comfortable stuff (t-shirts, no "tucked-in" requirement, no belt, etc.).

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    My school has uniforms, and I don't really mind it. I spend a lot of time deciding what to wear in the mornings, and I don't have to do that on weekdays. And the girls can't compare outfits because everyone's wearing the same thing.

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    I went through primary school and junior high with no uniform. Then I went to a highschool with a uniform policy but it was really lax. We had a white shirt, and we can leave shirts untucked and top button undone because of the hot weather. Girls also wore pants (it was optional to wear skirts. So nobody wore skirts ). We were a scruffy bunch compared to the blazer folks In senior year we wore our own clothes, and we had those non-uniform charity days too. I've had both and I didn't mind the uniforms either.

    I think if we are worry about students learning to be individuals and to think independently, it's way more important that the school encourages that kind of thinking through its curriculum, by allowing students to think creatively, to look at what's presented to them with a critical eye, and all that jazz.

    Clothes are pretty superficial. We use them to project an image of how we want to be perceived. But I wouldn't say what I wear makes me who I am either. There are plenty of other outlets for expressing that. I've seen some awesome clothes out there that amazes me in their creativity, and that's great, but it's not like they can't wear it out on the weekends and nights out. Most of the time, teens just conform to what is mainstream anyways. Wearing Gap isn't really being that individualistic. Teens didn't wake up altogether one day and decided on their own saggy pants to the butt looked cool (which btw I don't have any probs with but is a good example). Advertising and marketing from companies play into it. Teens copy pop stars, what's in magazines, and their peers.

    I don't think either system is bad. I think you can really look at it either way.
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    Wow! Makerc - very well said.

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    I was thinking about this some more and I thought I'd add, I've encountered both "strict" cookie cutter uniform policies where all children have to wear the same thing (which is dull) and a flexible uniform policy. My son's current school has a flexible "uniform" policy which is to offer multiple styles and choices. They have 3 different colored polo style shirts they can choose from, a spirit t-shirt on Friday's (with jeans) as well as a button down denim shirt. The pants are 2 colors to mix and match from. I love the flexibility and they're not made to feel like they are wearing the same thing every day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    I was never forced to wear a uniform or adhere to a dress code while in public school
    isn't it funny that you voluntarily wear a uniform now? And being childless doesn't preclude you from sharing your opinion - it's as valuable as the rest. I was just curious about how everyone felt about them.
    I don't think the gov't would ever impose uniforms on schools, I think they would be imposed at the school board's discretion.
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