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Thread: Unscientific poll: School Uniforms

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    You're absolutely right AJ. If it's not one thing it's another.
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    My kids were in Catholic school for several years and wore uniforms. I loved it. I thought it made it much easier for the kids whose families didn't have much money "blend in" there was very little talk about the "right" clothes and what were the in stores. All the kids looked the same. The clothes were cheap and easy to get ahold of used.

    It sure made it easier to get dressed in the am.
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    I went to a catholic school from K-6 grade. I couldn't wait to get home every day and get that godforsaken blazer and skirt off. Even in warm weather we had to wear the blazer - they just substituted the white long sleeve shirt for a white short sleeve polo. I still wore my 'cool clothes' :rolleyes everywhere else but school. My mom just had the added expense of uniforms plus the regular clothes...and those same kids you went to school with during the day were at the malls etc. at night so you weren't fooling them at school with the spiffy matching uniforms and black shoes. I was thrilled when my parents finally let me go to 'regular' school where there was no uniform.
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    I like uniforms and I think it helps promote more unity among peers (because it is not a rich or poor thing on who has the latest trendy fashions and who doesn't). Some kids today really seem to lack empathy for others and teasing is out of hand-this is one less thing to worry about IMO.

    As far as stripping someone's individuality? No. Most schools I have been aware of that have uniforms-the kids will ALWAYS have their ways of expressing themselves. It could be their shoes, hairstyles, the cars they drive, the groups they hang out in. School is only part of their daily life and I think to some extent, conformity with guidelines like a uniform prepare them for what it might be like in the corporate environment (i.e. you typically can't get away with "extreme"looks in a corporate environment). By day, you can be a different person than you are by night.
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    I'm in favor of school uniforms cuz like some of you had said, it takes away the ridicule of the children who's parents' cannot afford the latest styles and fashion. I know I won't be buying my kids 100$ jeans, I can't. Uniforms would make it easier for me. I still have a couple of years left before they start school, so hopefully uniforms will be considered by then.

    It does take way from individualism but hey...on weekends they could wear what they want and all summer long too.

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    Well, I'm no longer in school, but my old school uniform wasn't that bad. I mean sure I hated it, but in all my 12 years of schooling, i've always had a uniform, so it became pretty much standard of me. My high-school was grey pants, and a white polo-tshirt. not that bad, considering the high-school i was about to go (but eventually didn't go to) Had probable the WORST uniform.. lolx


    *check out this link, i posted it, but it's way too big, so just copy n paste it

    Pretty huh :rolleyes

    My take on things - uniform necessary? No

    enforcement of dress code - strict

    Serisouly do people really think someones gonna come to school wearing neon yellow pants, and a neon pink shirt? of course not, they'll dress (to some extent) approriately..

    anyhow, my two cents worth

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    I've worn a uniform for school since I was 7. That makes it about 11 years. I get to wear my own clothes to school now, and one of the advantages I would say for uniforms is the convenience - You don't have to choose what to wear in the mornings, so dressing is so much easier and faster. And you don't need to worry that 'someone has seen me in this outfit before!

    As for individuality, it isn't much of a problem at all actually. Like ineedalife said, there are other ways of expressing them through hairstyles, shoes and accessories. . I've never felt that my individuality was stifled by wearing a uniform, but then again, it's just me.

    In fact, even now that I'm in a tertiary institution, we have 'uniform days' where we get to wear our Junior College uniforms back. And yes, I do think my uniform looks really good.
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    LOVE them, LOVE them, LOVE them. I wish my child still at home had to wear them. Our other children did when we lived in another state and it was great. One boy and one girl and our daughter loved it because she would basically sleep in her uniform for the next day so she could sleep till the very last moment then get up and go.

    It was SOOOOO much cheaper and you could always get "used" ones for each year. My kids loved it because there was basically not a lot of thought and/or worry about what they were going to wear each day and all that. The focus was on school and the important dynamics of that with out the worry of fitting in because of clothing. Then they were able to really have in their opinion better " going out clothes" because they didn't need school clothes so they had more to spend on fun stuff. I loved it for the conveinance and no drama each day as well as the ease of laundering and all that.

    Big sigh, how I hate that this one wears expensive clothes to school that end up with ink stains on them, or food stains rips, also the drama of what to wear each day or looking for a certain piece in the morning running late because of the need to accessorize. :rolleyes

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    I think the idea of School uniforms is irrelevant.

    It makes a nice uniform (like military) look for the student body.... at a distance, but where the students are, the differences are obvious.

    If anything, it makes socio-economic and other difference more apparent, as there is no 'individuality' to hide behind.

    Either way its a fashion show.

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