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Thread: Lost presents

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    Brilliant, LG! Pretend you didn't lose them, but that you planned this terrific hide-n-seek game for their amusement!
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    It might work on little kids, but I doubt Eny's teens would fall for it.
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    not so subtle hostage taking of presents for house cleaning? Depends on whether they want the gifts bad enough to clean for them I guess. We wouldn't get Christmas dinner until everything was cleaned up, but then again not everyone loves to eat as much as the folks in Wisconsin do.
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    my mom did that one year when I was a teen with some cassettes,, they were in my dads shaving kit,, did you look there?
    a purse on your shelf your not using,, an empty suitcase,, umm a neighbors house,, or your pantie drawer?

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    Don't feel bad I do that every year with at least one gift. My best hiding spot is the trunk of my car or beneath the basement stairs. How frustring to have it be Playstation 2 games which are so darn expensive. Sit down with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) and try to picture when you bought it and what you did after that. Otherwise, well it's always nice to have a gift for Easter.
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    the trunk of my car
    Good one!

    All is well , I found them. It snowed yesterday about 4 inches ( we didn't even shovel the driveway, but then it's Canada eh?)
    The boys wanted to know where all the ski pants were so they could go out and do whatever.
    We have a big antique blanket box in the front hall full of this kind of stuff. I pulled it open and started hauling out snowboard pants, and there they were in the middle of all that stuff.
    If it hadn't have gone in there I'd still be looking .
    Why - I had bought them and lost track of time, I heard them at the door so I stuffed them into there, thinking no one hardly ever goes into that box, and that I'd retrieve them later. I didn't
    In conclusion, I would have to say the cause of most lost presents is hiding them in places you normally wouldn't.

    Of course that doesn't explain the other ones I've lost over the years....

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