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Thread: Haunted Places where you live

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Harry
    Here's a site with some interesting pictures and stuff.

    hey harry, big coast to coast fan? I've listen to Art and then George for 8 years now.

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    should be studying...... ravs's Avatar
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    Hey I agree with you rab. I have clicked on some of the links and by gosh, some of those photos are plain freaky!!!! - Won't be sleeping well tonight....
    I rather lurk than post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeguy
    hey harry, big coast to coast fan? I've listen to Art and then George for 8 years now.
    Yeah--I listen about every night. Very entertaining!!!!

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    I've finally conceded to believing in the supernatural. I've always felt that my grandfather is my guardian angel. On more than one occasion I'm cinvinced that I actually saw him.

    My first story: We were one of the first ships to respond to the downing of TWA FLT 800. What a mess. Flaming debris everywhere and bodies floating all around; men, women, children, babies.... I remember after a few days the stress was kicking in and it was becoming too depressing to pick another child out of the water. So, I was smoking on the back of the ship around sunset, just gaining some composure and for a quick second everything became eerily silent. I heard a voice behind me. "Don't worry, everything will be ok". When I turned around to see who said that, there was my grandfather standing there with a look of compassion on his face. I turned away to clear my vision and when I turned around he was gone. I am convinced it was really him, as this type of situation has happened a few times since.

    I was also at a light house in Calumet Harbor (Chicago) that was haunted. Whoa....talk about goosebumps. We had stayed there for the night and when we woke up, all the dishes were cleaned and put away. We didn't even bother to turn the lights off we were out of there so fast.

    There are quite a few Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine ships that are haunted. I've been unlucky to have been stationed on two that have had prior suicides on them. There have been many a time late at night where the hair on the back of your neck stands straight up.

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    I am a member of a paranormal investigation team here in Memphis,TN (hence the sig. ) and have seen entirely too many things to say that there isn't life after death. What started it all for me was when my best friend died when I was in high school and came back to visit me afterwards. He would turn the tv on and off at will, and my alarm clock would go off at random times. Pretty freaky stuff at first, but once I came to terms with the fact that he was there, everything calmed down. We would find small items moved around the house. It was quite funny. I think they just want to let us know that they are ok. My thoughts and feelings on this are so deep that I don't think I could cover it in one post on here though. Not inlcuding the fact that I am so long winded. It is good to see that there are so many people that are open to these kind of things.

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    Here's my story: (hopefully I didn't post this 4 months ago and forget!)

    I was about 15 years old, and up late at night by myself in the den, working on a paper for school. The room was dark except for the lamp next to me, and the TV was off. I had my back to a bookcase across the room. Out of nowhere, three thick hardback books from the bookcase crashed to the floor. Scared the bejesus out of me! The freakiest part was the books that fell. They were three geneaology books--listings of ancestors of our family name. The books had been shelved side by side. Is there a real-world-logical way for them to have jumped off the bookshelf together at just that moment? I could never come up with one.

    This was around the same time we'd been using a ouija board. I can't say if this incident came before, or after, because I don't remember, but there were other freaky things going on at the time (things moved, for instance).

    The night we did the ouija board, we got very interesting results. We certainly seemed to get a response--the shuttle was moving--and we asked a couple pages of yes-no questions. What I remember was that the spirit was a young boy of around 10. He had not lived in the actual house as a human, but had been in the area. From the questions we asked, we deduced he may have been a native american or other early California origin. He liked my sister's bedroom best, and never went upstairs. Sometimes he would go to school with us (that freaked us out). He meant no harm, and he was happy with us though, so we had no reason to be afraid.

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    yup .. . i believe in the supernatural. Like, sometimes i see a white movement place very fast when im in the guest room(my grandma lived with us before she went back to her island to die). My grandma use to wake up early in the morning read her bible while wearing white from head to foot. So, now when if i go room and just looked at window when its dark . .. I can see a fast white shape moving . . .first I thought it was because i ate cold food at nite. Then i showed to my mommy and she saw it with her own eyes. I do think ghosts walk among us good and bad. But, trust me . .. I'm not going to start to go try to talk to them. I'm just happy my grandma is near.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil Miss
    I am a firm beleiver that if there is anything there, that the cats can see it. I haven't had any problems in my house, but I do have a room that my cats REFUSE to enter. There is just something about it that they do not like. If you try to carry them into it they literally cling on to you, and if you manage to throw them into the room they poof up into a big ball, scream and run out as fast as they can. I dont know about dogs though, I have never had a dog, so I wouldnt really know.
    Dogs are definitely sensitive, too. I have had lots of experiences with the "supernatural", good, very bad, and neutral. The worst experience was with an old boyfriend of mine, I used to stay with him so much that we practically lived together. He had a garden level apartment in an old Victorian house that was built on land that was once a cemetary. I felt two presences in that house; one felt masculine, the other feminine, and she definitly didn't like me. My boyfriend told me tht his upstairs neighbor used to have a woman living with him, and that when she first moved in they seemed very happy together and everythin was quiet. But, as time passed, they started having progressively more vicious fights, and then she moved out. So that happens, but, the same thing happened with us along with soem strange events.

    My boyfriend had been aware of some presence before he met me, but once I started spending time there, it began hanging around regularly, especially when I was there. The female presence first just felt malicious, then things started happening. I would have the feeling of being watched and when I was lying down, of being sat on or weighted down. I would see things out of the corner of my eye. I started having nightmares and those terrors where you are not fully asleep but can't wake yourself up or move. Then I stopped remembering my dreams, but he would hear me crying out as I thrashed through the night; then I started waking up with marks on my body, sometimes scratches but usually those raspberry-ish ruptured blood vessel things. Around that time we got a puppy, and when I would feel "her" come around, the puppy would start whimpering or growling and his hair would stand on end. One night I became so hysterical that I sat in the car in the driveway almost all night, I was so afraid to go in. Between my boyfriend and I things would be great until we entered the apartment, and then you could feel this evil energy literally descend on us, and for me at least it fell like something was almost taking me over, working through me. It was horrible.

    Eventually, while the puppy was out in the driveway, my boyfriend's VW bus, which had been securely up on blocks, suddenly slipped off its blocks and the bumper smacked the dog in the face. He got a nasty bump, and we took him inside as we started trying to find an open vet in the phone book (it was Sunday). He needed to go outside, so we put him in the dog run, but when we were ready to go, he was gone. We eventually had to think that maybe he had been taken because he was nowhere to be found, but we kept looking outside around the house and so on. When we went inside again so my boyfriend could use the bathroom, I started hearing faint puppy whimpering, but it was coming /literally/ from inside the house, sounding far away as if from behind the walls but up in the air. I thought I was going nuts and just sat there, then my boyfriend came out of the bathroom with this strange look on his face and just looked at me, not saying anything, but listening. I asked him, do you hear it, too? and he nodded his head. Now, there was no way the dog could have gotten into any nook in the house or something, and there was no nook in the house where the noise was coming from anyway. That "rational explanation" was just not possible on a number of levels. We never saw our puppy again (and in the few more months that my boyfriend stayed, there was never any smell - sorry all! - of a dead animal stuck somewhere, either). Another night, when the stuff started happening while I was sleeping, my boyfriend in desperation dug out a bible and started praying over me. When I woke up I saw the bible lying there, and he was really freaked out. I asked him what was going on, but he would never go into detail. However, there was a big black scorch mark on the ceiling that hadn't been there the day before. It was all very scary.

    Next time, I'll tell about the happy ghosts that lived in what we think used to be a whorehouse...

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    There's been too many things on the news. And I've experiancednot-so-natural encounters myself though I can't be really sure. I can't be 100% sure supernatural exists. But I do believe that there is a special force looking out for all of us-kinda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    Phew! I thought it was my perfume or something I said.

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