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Thread: Why spoil?

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    I like spoilers because they add to my "Tv experience". I don't think I would be watching nearly as much reality TV if FORT and spoilers would not be around. It is fun to read all the detective work done here, and see if it will come true. The shows alone could hardly entertain me enough to keep me watching. In the time before FORT I regularly skipped a show here and there. But with all this speculation going on, I just have to see what is true. The spoilers are just a part of the whole entertainment package to me. The networks should support this site somehow
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I love the spoilers. My husband hates that I love spoilers because I like to share while we're watching.

    I ALWAYS read the end of books first. When I was a baby bookworm, I got to the end of too many books and hated the ending. I would come away annoyed I'd wasted X hours of my life. Now I read the end first to decide if I'm going to buy the book.

    I try to find spoilers before going to movies, too.

    Life's too short to waste on "diversions" that just leave me unhappy or frustrated.

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    I LOVE the spoilers! Absolutely LOVE them! I love the investigating. The analyzation of butts and hair and finger nail polish... I love knowing if we were right, and if we were, I love poking fun at how stupid these networks think we are. I also love how the networks can't top us... we are ALWAYS smarter. No matter WHAT curveball they throw, we can stick knock it out of the park. Maybe its a little bit of a "deciding how the show is for us" kind of power struggle. God knows if we left it up to the networks to give us a good show and keep us interested we'd all die before it happened... :-)

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    I, too am a Bachelor spoiler-lover. I love looking at the pics and deciding whose fingernails are whose.... whose shoulders are droopier, etc..... I do not read the end of a book out of sequence, but then again, the Bachelor is not the American novel. Nor is it (in some cases) a great romance. (Except Ian and Mer, of course!!) So spoil on!! (By the way, some shows I would never read spoilers for, such as The Apprentice, Amazing Race and Survivor). Uh oh - I think I'm a Spoiler Snob.....

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    I feel exactly like Plecoptera about the spoilers! I love puzzles too, and I love all the bits of information that are analysed & put together. Plus, I work shift work, and can't always wait until the next day to watch the show on tape - I need to know NOW! So I come to the FORT while I'm at work, and it's like watching the show with a bunch of great friends! (And I'm getting PAID while I'm doing it!
    I don't usually read the end of a novel first, although I have sometimes....

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    I like to read the spoilers for a few reasons. First, I'm addicted...and just like any addiction, it consumes my every waking hour and every breath (well, not really...but sometimes it's close - I find myself thinking about my current loved/hated person on a show at the strangest times Why would anyone think of Trish while feeding my dog? Isn't that weird? I need counseling ). Second, most of the FoRT people have such a funny way of looking at things - I can watch a show and see something ...and say to myself "Miss F is so right...Adam does have only three facial expressions!!" The last reason is more practical....I need captions to watch tv and sometimes I miss stuff. My FoRT friends and other spoilers (although I don't really go to any other sites...now that I think of it) can always be counted on to help me keep up.
    When you learn, teach. When you get, give. ~ Maya Angelou

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    Danger Bunny
    Quote Originally Posted by GrammarGoddess
    Did you EVER peek at your Christmas/birthday presents early???
    Of course, then I turned four...

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    I don't read spoilers just because... I don't want to know.. It's strange because I read the end of every book I read unless its a mystery. I just like to know the end so I can see what little hints of foreshadowing the author has put in. By the time I'm finished with a book, I won't be able to remember every little detail, so I don't get the full experience of the book, if I'm making any sense. If I'm not- call me crazy

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    I don't get the question. If you don't like spoilers, don't read them. We make it pretty easy to avoid them here, by clearly marking any thread containing them.

    If you enjoy reading them, do so.

    We cater to both groups here, and both groups are happy campers. So, pick a side, and roll with it, and don't worry about the other side...

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    I agree that the spoilers are more for the detective work and the fun of it than for any other reason...well besides being impatient!

    I always read a novel 1/3 or so thru then read the ending then go back and finish it...i HATE surprises! Always snooped at my Christmas presents! Still do and I am old enough to know better!

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