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Thread: What is the worst aspect of your job?

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    I do financial services (loans, investments, new accts, etc) for a bank. Sitting here, in the middle of the bank at a big ole desk.

    Worst part is the customers. I'm not even exaggerating either. One day someone can come in drunk, yell at me cause their account is overdrawn...go on and on and on and on about how much I should be thanking him/her for their account being there (which has an monthly average balance of $-120.00), and then the next day come in like it never happened. People who think they are the cat's meow cause they have a big check and proceed to treat you like you're the scratching post, piss-on secretary FOR THEM. Ask for current/proper I.D. and suddenly I'm Satan asking for their first born. There is no limit to what I've experienced while doing this job, for some reason people don't like to treat us with respect.*

    You know..I could go on and on.. but I won't. People just honestly treat bank employees like shiat. Then when there is a holiday, some people try and "make up" for being total asses all year by bringing a box of candy. Don't get me wrong, the candy is appreciated (even though I don't eat candy), but instead of bringing that...how about being NICE AND PLEASANT instead?

    *Not every person is like this..there are super sweet people that have manners and are pleasant to deal with. This post is asking what is the "worse" part of your job.
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    The worst part of my job is that I have to live in the US to do it away from my family, friends and country. I can't even speak my own language on a regular basis, only when I speak to family or friends on the phone about every other weekend. There's nothing wrong with the US per se, it's just not Denmark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chompstick
    Blondie, I didn't realize that's what you do. Much thanks to you and your comrades for a job well done.
    I have a ton of respect for those in your line of work. Thanks for doing your job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    Ask for current/proper I.D. and suddenly I'm Satan asking for their first born.
    This drives me nuts, too. My Credit Union has a policy to ask for ID and they even have signs stating that at every teller station. I have still seen people freak on them. You have to wonder, what if someone else was trying to access your account, wouldn't you want the teller to ask for id then? :rolleyes

    The worst part about my job is the work slow downs. They drive me nuts.
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    For me, probably the worst part of my job is the horrible repetition. The main part of my job is data entry, so its pretty much the same thing over and over for 8 hours a day every day. Also, dealing with insurance companies who either overpay or don't pay at all and patients who want no part of paying their bills also is pretty tough to handle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott
    But then again people are one of the great things of this job. Good customers who appreciate what you do for them and staff members who give you 100%. I love my job. Really.
    Completely agreed with ya Unk! For all the horrid customers, there really are some great ones out there who truly appreciate what you do and aren't afraid to let you know it. The "high" that comes with those customers is what keeps ya goin a lot of times as well.

    I'm quite a bit more fortunate with the staff I have now, but oh do I remember the days much like yours with the "you're lucky I came to work" attitude. My group now actually likes to come to work, and even despite some of our little tiffs amongst ourselves, it's truly one little happy family there.

    I really do love my job most of the time, and I enjoy interacting with people, just that sometimes they make it very difficult to enjoy it quite as much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    Ask for current/proper I.D. and suddenly I'm Satan asking for their first born.
    I for one am glad everytime they ask for ID. In our bank they do not, and basically anyone could just go to the drive through window, tell our account number and empty it. I find it bad banking. What you are doing when asking for ID is the right thing to do, and I wish every single bank would do it, no exceptions. Just like they ask for ID always when one buys alcohol, no matter how old one is.

    Then to worst thing question. Worst part of my "job" (staying at home with kids and studying) is not having peace to study except in the middle of the night, and because of this being tired all the time. Right now (1 am) it's so nice and quiet here, and I can remember everything I read, but if I try to read during daytime I hardly remember which book I have open.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    AR Boy
    Having people filing complaints about routes my company does not operate, belongs to the red coaches(which we are only responsible for rent procedures, NOT for who drives it and where they drive) or non existant routes. These bloody calls are so annoying.

    Also rude customers- Yes yes yes... mostly it's with foreigners as they aren't familiar with how the Hong Kong minibus system works... (Yes I drive sometimes-when I'm bored, I still get a manager's fee from Mom haha) I've had some US navy personnel ride on my bus... so I'm gonna base the example in this (aplogies to patriots here if u get offended)

    As there are no fixed stops on a minibus route, you have to tell the driver where to stop if you want to get off. e.g Number 6, Fortune Towers or office buildings over there! etc... An old tradition on these buses is that you say "here" when you want to get off... apparently, a rater rough man was reading from his guide book and wanted to say "Hai... Knee dough ar ng goy" (Stop here please) and I stopped right on the stop or else he'd need to walk further... then he gets angry at me for "not letting him finish his sentence"... I explained my experience and knew he wanted to get off etc etc

    Then I pointed to a sign which says "The Driver can speak English and Chinese"...

    I don't get people who act like this... I really don't...

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    Hmm.. my "job"? :rolleyes It's a hell lot of... *remembers AM's comments* actually nothing

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    I work with a lot of passive aggressive types and it is really draining..has anyone ever worked with people like this? It is like the passive aggressive olympics sometimes..talk about being drained

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