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I haven't been out of HS for that long (4 years), but it was still eye-opening to see how rude these kids could be. I taught all Freshman English classes, and I was told by several teachers in the school that this was the worst class they had ever seen (in 30 years of teaching!). I didn't think they were that bad, mostly really talkative, throwing candy at each other, basically not paying attention. I know I did this when I was in high school, so I couldn't get too mad or take it too personally, so I guess what goes around comes around.
Which makes me feel very uneasy if I should consider teaching art classes for a high school. *shudders* It's the loud and obnoxious students that get on my nerves.

I take care of dogs. I'll usually wait until the next day to pick up the dog crap when it's nice and hard but most of the time they'll break into little pieces. It's nasty when it starts crumbling everywhere and then I have to sweep it all into a bag and throw it away.