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Thread: Three Sounds

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    Three Sounds

    What are three sounds that disturb you?

    For Me:
    1. when a person whistles along to a good song
    2. my alarm clock
    3. sirens

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    Reformed Perfectionist G.G.'s Avatar
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    I absolutely can't stand it when a phone rings more than twice.

    When I'm in a public place and a child (not an infant) is screaming at the top of his/her lungs, especially if he/she wants something and are told no.

    Dentist's drill - after 11 years of braces, I sends a shiver down my spine.

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    Three sounds that cause the hair on my neck to stand;

    1. Someone clicking their gum repeatedly
    2. Cell phones ringing loudly in pubic places
    3. The sound of a fax machine (or my dial-up PC at home) making a connection

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    Im just not that into you AmandaFabulous's Avatar
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    #1 my alarm clock, any alarm clock waking me up at 5:00 am for that matter.

    #2 the printer/scanner/copier in my office. loud and used constantly.
    Guess what? It is out of service as of an hour ago. muwahahahaha but I didn't have anything to do with it, just glad. I hope the copier dude doesn't show up for days.
    Look, I love me most...If I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would.

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    1. Any alarm clock at any time of day
    2. Any scraping sounds (especially styrofoam)
    3. Nails on a chalkboard (also people erasing the board with their hands, cause they can't find a brush)

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    I hate:

    1. My alarm clock...I stopped using it in grade 12 and just turned up my TV with the alarm on it

    2. I am with GG on this, the phone ringing more than once. I am always the one to get it in my house because I can't stand that.

    3. People who yawn really loud. It drives me nuts, if I can make a yawn very quiet SO CAN YOU!

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    1) Bubble gum snapping
    2) Loud cell phone rings
    3) Nail clipping

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    From the corner of my eye Jewelsy's Avatar
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    1. The squeaky sound of Magic Markers.
    2. Dentist drill.
    3. The *impatient* sound of someone tapping their nails.
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    Miz Smarty Britches queenb's Avatar
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    1) Incessantly barking dogs- whose owners need to be publicly whipped, in my world.
    2) People with terrible manners smacking while they eat....eeewwww
    3) Any repeated and unusual noises coming from the engine compartment of any vehicle I'm driving or riding in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clipse
    3. People who yawn really loud. It drives me nuts, if I can make a yawn very quiet SO CAN YOU!
    Further to that - it makes me cringe when people do things like sneeze really loudly and dont cover their mouths or blow their noses really loud...i guess those two things bother me most in restaruants, elevators and doctors offices...and maybe that is more of an OCD thing on my part though...LOL

    We used to also have this older woman who worked in my office and she used to eat a bowl of soup for lunch everyday and then belch really loudly after she finished...she was only in the US for a short time and told people that it was not considered offensive in her country...contrarily, it was considered a sign of a healty appetite...
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