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Thread: Help Asap!!

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    to most posts... keep practising (I can safely say this because I live miles and miles away from you )

    But in all seriousness, I failed my first time because I failed to stop at a crosswalk, screwed up my hill-park and messed up royally on my parallel parking.

    I took an extra driving lesson before my next test, and passed with flying colors. I have never parallel parked since

    Now I am a pretty good driver (maybe a little fast sometimes) and I have never been in an accident (other than one where I got rear-ended at a stop sign... but that was really minor.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by and1chick
    I've asked so many people and they have no answers for my situation....I've taken my driving test (behind the wheel) three times and i failed all three times....I went back and had to retake my permit test and I got it, but then it says that I need to wait 6 months again...is that true? or do i just go and make an appointment for another driving test without waiting another 6 months?? oh an i live in california and i'm under 18, but turning 18 in less than a month...Can any of you guys help me??????
    Yes, you have to get your permit once again. However, I think you can get it whenever you want after you've turned 18, but again, check the DMV website

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    Thanks guys, but geez...some of you guys can be a tad bit rude (sarcasm)....

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    I certainly wasn't trying to be rude. It's just when you're in control of a 3,000 pound vehicle, you really need to know what you're doing. And, if you've failed three times, common sense says that you need more practice. Ya know?
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    understanble....i guess....haha...no jk....thanks ya'll....

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