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Thread: Great Gifts We Got!

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    a Glenn Barr print, a cashmere sweater, a 3 lb tin can of chocolate pretzels (?!), a pair of leather boots, Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential, a 25 dollar gift certif to Indigo, a jade face-roller/massager (?), various candles and similar girly doodads, and a dvd of The Exterminating Angel.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulahbaby
    My hubby gave me three Dario Argento DVDs that I wanted. Suspiria, Inferno and Deep Red. and I got TIVO!!!!
    Dario Argento? Whoa baby, you're hardcore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkieparrot
    I got an IPOD MINI! Score! I was totally not expecting it.
    Okay, Pinki, Blue, and you other smart young'uns - I need your help! I got an iPOD too, but truthfully I have no idea what this thing is! I acted excited when I opened it because I keep hearing that iPODs are so cool and were on everyone's wish lists this year, but I don't keep up with technology at all so I have no clue what this little thing is supposed to do. So can someone please enlighten this dimwit? All it looks like is that it plays songs - so what's the big deal? (And please don't throw things at me for being so dumb!)

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    Darn! I was looking for a smilie that throws things!

    The iPod is basically a small hard drive, designed mostly to play music. I assume you got the whole package(an iPod, headphones, a cd-rom for your cpu, a charger, and a USB/Firewire cable to hook the iPod to your cpu). I also assume you have a computer, if not at home, at work?

    Anyway, put the cd in your computer, and load iTunes(the software that "runs" the iPod and manages your music) and hook up your iPod to your computer too. Follow the directions in the manual--it is really quite easy. Soon enough, you can start "importing" your music CDs to your computer, and then everytime you hook your iPod to the computer, it will "sync up" with all the music you have in iTunes(on your computer) Then, when your iPod says it is ok to disconnect, you can plug in the headphones, select a song, or an album, or an artist, and start playing tunes.

    Probably not the best explanation, but I just got an iPod myself, and I am learning all about it too. If you have an Apple/Mac store near you, they are always giving lessons on how to use the iPod and the iTunes software. Check it out, I hear it is great.
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    CharlieBug, I know nothing about ipods, but I just bumped an old thread that may answer some of your questions.
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    I just finished reading this thread - are we all blessed or what?! Unk - I think it is great that your granddaughter plays Smelly Cat with that guitar. My eldest son started teaching himself how to play the guitar when he was pretty young. Now he is a senior in high school, and was given the honor of conducting the high school Polyphonic choir in their final song at the Christmas concert. I was so proud I thought I would bust. He teaches other kids how to play the guitar, is in a band, president of the vocal ensemble and polyphonic choirs and also spends a lot of time writing music. To think, it may have all started from a little plastic orange guitar... This year, my 3 guys (husband and 2 sons) gave me jewelery!!!!! My hunny gave me a ruby and diamond ring and the boys bought the earings to match. What an incredible surprise!! I had requested all new "small" appliances (iron, mixer, toaster etc.) However, my husband said that I was always so adament about not getting gifts for the house, that he thought I was trying to set him up.

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    Welcome everyone to the wonderful world of Ipods!!!!

    As an absolute Music Maven, I proclaim 20 gigs of space to be more than enough for 95% of users.... I still have a gig and a half of unclaimed space.....and that's including a gig's worth of work files and repeated songs in different spaces....

    Have fun everyone!!!!

    I was blessed this year with a new Vacuum cleaner!!!! A big deal when you consider that I hated to use the old one because it made the whole apartment smell like burnt tissues...you should have seen me dancing and zipping around with the new hoover sunday morning while the old one stood forlornly by the door....
    I also received: a dvd player for my other tv so now i can watch in the bedroom too, the coziest pajamas ever, my Seinfeld DVDs, some gift certificates, etc.

    The best present of all was watching the new baby girl "open" (ie stick the paper in her mouth) her presents....
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    Thank you for the information, MrDob and I appreciate you bumping the iPOD thread for me, veejer! Better yet, thanks for not poking fun of my stupidity! Admittedly, I am still a little confused (the IPOD thread was like a foreign language to me!) but I'll figure it all out.

    Ana Bannana, you are so right! We are a blessed group of Forters!

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    I pretty much got clothing, jewelry, makeup, and.....250 bucks. hehe. For going on a shopping trip with my best friend at Florence Mall. So I had a pretty good xmas. Everything a 13 year old could ask for....

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    Quote Originally Posted by weathergirl91
    For going on a shopping trip with my best friend at Florence Mall.
    Does this look familiar, weathergirl?

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    Yup. Thats the water tower. The one I always repeat the phrase when we drive by it, and my dad gets irritated. lol. Thats cool.. Thanks for posting that pic. Well, good night from...Florence y'all.


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