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Thread: Thinking like a Child

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    I remembered one I don't think has been mentioned. When I was little I thought people who spoke other languages must still think in English anyway.
    I used to think that too! It just makes so much sense

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    This one is a little out there:

    When I was around 8, and would see commercials for tampons/pads, I didn't know what they were. When I visited my mom's school and say despensers for them in the bathrooms I came up with this conclusion.

    Teachers use tampons/pads so they can just go to the bathroom without leaving the room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    I really believed that our all our poop was stored in our buttcheeks. That if you cut into a cheek, it would be full of poop...........
    HAHA! I knew you were more crazy than I am, Maveno

    That is a pretty weird belief - I can't top that one!
    When you learn, teach. When you get, give. ~ Maya Angelou

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