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Thread: Commercials I love

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    Commercials I love

    We all have the ones we HATE,, but which ones do we love??

    Right now I am totally into that one where the guy screams out he loves this woman then gives her the ring and then she whispers in his ear I love this man,,I love him,,,, makes me melt!!

    I also love the one where the guy lights up the tree out in the field.. awwwww

    Very sappy I know but we all need some sap.. it holds us together..he he..

    Any other ones out there you will admit to loving??

    I wish they would do another cool E.Toys one where the parent watches his child and then finds a cool toy that they think the kid will like..

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    The first one you mention bugs me

    I saw a commercial the other day that I wanted to mention here because I like it so much, but now I can't remember what it was
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    I like the one with dale earnhardt jr. and his cd player in his race car skips. he cleans the disc while driving the race, puts it back in, still skips. so he down shifts and bumps schrader and clears it. the smile on his face is great. makes the whole commercial.

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    That first commercial that you mentioned also bugs the heck out of me. Something about her voice grates on my nerves. I like the nissan commercial - that is because I like the song they play.

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    I like the one with Martin and Charlie Sheen.

    Still like that Monkey with a cold!

    The new Blockbuster one where the rabbit comes in on the hamster in clay mask and curlers is also CUTE!!

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    I do love monkey w/a cold,, I think her voice is cool..
    How about the HP one with all the famous people waiting to be pulled up.. its funny

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    I decided I am liking the new fruit of the loom ones with the fruit men playing basketball!

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    I like the Oreo one with the two brothers and the younger one is trying to get the milk out of his cup.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Oooh, that made me remember one Fluff!

    I love the oreo one where the kid is on the porch with his dog and he says "Mom says dogs can't have chocolate. But you can have some of my milk."
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    oh yea oreo cookies are great,,

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