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Thread: Commercials I love

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    That's all folks! Unklescott's Avatar
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    I just saw a Mastercard commercial with Peyton Manning. When he was in the restaurant holding up the "D-Caf" sign I lost it. Great commercial.

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    An old one is my favourite of all time: Coca Cola's "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony." It'd be nice to see it again, it would be relevant.
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    in banana world
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    There is this commercial that just cracks me up everytime I see it. I can't remember what car it is advertising, but it's about these new windshield wipers that set off automatically when it detects rain. The voice-over is a very serious man saying "It takes only 1/5th of a second to turn the windshield wipers on. Think how much better your life would be if you had 1/5th of a second more of time. You could spend more time with your family." And then cut to 1/5th of a second of family time. "You could spend more time with friends." And then cut to 1/5th of a second with friends. "You could learn a new language." And then cut to 1/5th of a second of the guy and he says "bonjour".
    I find this commercial to be genius. The voice-over really adds dramatic effect. I love that commercial!

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    my favorite commercial of all time is a lifesaver commercial. the one with the dad and little boy sitting on a cliff watching the sun set. the dad is saying, "going, going, gone. the boy turns to his dad and whispers, "do it again, daddy". it made my heart melt every time.

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    I have lots of favorite commercials but just had to write this one down. It's the Disney World one where the kids are too excited to sleep and the dad can't sleep either because he is also too excited. But I just think the little boy in the commercial is so sweet.

    But what's up with the Welch's grapejuice commercials? Every child is too adorable, with big eyes, and a cute little voice. It's almost like they have to be of an exact type to be in those commercials because all the kids in those commercials look and sound the same

    And I LOVE the one where the neanderthal men are discussing insurance and are mad because nobody knew they still existed. The make-up job is so good it creeps me out!

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    I like the Chevy one they are showing during the Olympics, where the guy with the "S" painted on his belly falls through the frozen lake, so they haul him around to all the events in the SUV and just set him up where they need him...
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    My favorite commercial right now is the Capital One with David Spade. An irate customer calls yelling at him as he is walking through the door. David says something like "Here I am in my canary yellow shirt". At that moment, the guy in the canary yellow shirt walks out of his cubicle and stretches, only to see that irate customer coming after him. I laugh every time.

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    There are many. This one currently running is fun. It's for a telephone company. They're talking text-messaging speed, I think. They show the competition as a bunny rabbit ready to go down a racetrack. Their product shows as a cheetah. The gun sounds, the race begins, the cheetah chomps down the bunny. The one guy says to the other guy, "didn't see that coming..." Then, the cheetah gags, and coughs out the bunny like a furball With sound effects. It's great.
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    My favorite is also running during the Olympics and its for Allstate insurance.

    It shows a chubby middle aged couple on the couch watching skating. They decide to go to the local frozen lake to skate and he parks the car next to the shed where there is skate rental. It's night, so they use the headlights to illuminate the ice and the radio in the car for music. They are pair skating to "The Hustle" when he skates backwards into the buidling and falls and says to his wife: "I'm alright." Then all the snow and ice come falling off the building and crush the car.

    It's priceless!
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    We're currently getting a series of commercials starring talking beavers. Norm MacDonald does the voice for one of them. I have no idea what they're actually advertising, I just enjoy talking beavers.

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