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Thread: Commercials I love

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    If that's the one with Ludacris and Kayne West in it then I love it.
    It used to be on often here, but I haven't seen it lately.
    I think I generally saw it on US stations, not Canadian ones.
    Yes, that's the one! I'm so glad you like it too, because everyone I've mentioned my love of it to has thought I was crazy.

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    I love the new Lime Coke commercial where they are all singing and it sounds really funny *ya put the lime in the coke*

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    LOVE the "ma na ma na" commercial for Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper (how did they fit all that on the can?). My best friend and I used to "sing" that song in moments of extreme silliness, so the commercial cracks me up. BTW - has anyone tried this soda? Is it any good?

    That one with the white cat and the butcher knife and the tomato sauce - I think it's for an investment firm - makes me cry laughing. Anyone other than me and JamiLee seen it?

    There's one for SBC Yahoo! DSL that I think might be a local ad, since no one else in my family has seen it. There's a wife getting ready to go out and her husband is in the bedroom waiting for her as she takes forever to pick out what to wear. He's watching Eric Clapton sing "Wonderful Tonight" on his laptop (using what? SBC Yahoo! DSL!) and and he keeps rewinding to the part that goes "She's wondering what clothes to wear," until she pokes her head out and says "Honey." Him: "Yeah?" Her: "Knock it off" Him: "Yeah." Makes me every time.

    I hate AOL, but I have to admit that I laugh like an idiot when the guys goes "I'd like my computer to make the sound of a yeti" because MY computer has made that sound!
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    I LOVE the commercial about Pepsi and the free tunes you can recieve. Whenever someone opens the bottle of pepsi, their favorite song comes out and stuff. Its a fairly long commercial.

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    This is a great commercial:


    Nice remix, and great dance moves.
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    I love the Brawny paper towels commercial that leaves no doubt it's aimed at us ladies.

    The one with the gorgeous guy in the kitchen who just finished baking me (yes, me!) a chocolate cake and is putting the icing on it, all the while giving me the seductive look and sexy smile. Oops! He drops a tiny bit of icing on the counter, but like the perfect man, he cleans it up right away, using the Bounty paper towels -- while giving that seductive smile with the twinkling eyes. Then the clincher... he holds up the chocholate cake in one hand, and a cute adorable puppy in the other -- while giving that seductive smile with the twinkling eyes. Awwwwww

    During the entire commercial, he never takes his eyes off me (yes, me again! ), and romantic music is always playing in the background.

    I love this commercial! Meant to appeal to almost every instinct a woman has, and has fun with it!
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    I like the Vonage commercials, something about that tune just sticks with you.
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    Critical I've seen that commercial, it's great! Hubby and I also love the yeti guy, we crack up whenever we see it. I love the HP commercials with the song "picture book, pictures of your mama, taken by your papa, a long time ago" love it!

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    I love the commercial for a car where an old lady pulls a young one out of her little yellow car, then picks up 2 young guys while this catchy music plays. Then we see the woman is standing on the sidewalk and it was just a dream, and the young woman gets creeped out and locks her doors while she drives away. Can't remember the name of the car though.

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    My most recent favorite is the GE commercial with the baby elephant dancing to the tune of Singing in the Rain, imitating Gene Kelly. Love it!
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