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Thread: Commercials I love

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    I really like the new Nike Pro Apparel commercial with Urlacher, Rivera, Pujols, and others (I forget the rest). It has a catchy tune. Great commercial.

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    I've only seen it once, but it is a Whiskas commercial with a man walking into his house, opening up a bag of Whiskas and his little kitties inside come running into the kitchen......he looks out the window and there is a lion, then he lifts a shade and sees three tigers and a shadow of a large cat going up on the roof is seen. Then we have a long view from across the street with large cats of all kinds swarming his house. Yikes.
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    that cereal commercial (raisin bran i think?) parts 1 & 2 really gets me...

    "This time i mean it...Your fired Johnson! Your fired!" (on his way...)

    employee reaches down fo something

    "Yes he's gone...he's gone, yes he is!" (boss doing 'Happy Dance')

    boss turns aound and discovers dude is still there eating his crunchy cereal...

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    A new one that had my husband and I last night while we were watching a movie on CBC - Margaret Atwood (who was in full hockey gear, except for a helmet) and Rick Mercer, solemnly telling Canadians that THIS may be the future of hockey.
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    Being a huge fan of the "Mighty Wind" & "Best in show" group, I really love the Sierra Mist Free commercial with Fred Willard & Michael McKean (AlLtho I could care less for Sierra Mist itself... )

    "Get your own soda, it's free!"
    "It's NOT Free!"


    yeah... =)

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    This has been on a while, but I haven't seen it posted yet. The Verizon commercial where the teenagers are shoveling snow and the father is watching out from the living room window. The mom walks up and the father says, "I told them if they shoveled it all, they could talk to their friends all they want." The mom says, "They can already do that...we have the share plan" (or whatever it is...).
    Father: "But they don't know that"
    Mother: "It looks cold out there..."
    Father: "Oh yeah, it's freezing. I'm not going out there."
    They both watch for a while and he sips his coffee and says, "Ooops, I burned myself."
    It makes me giggle everytime I see it.

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    Nasonex nasal spray. It's animated with the bee talking to the flower in a French accent.

    "I have returned, my flower... a changed bee."

    It's just cute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeronicaBelle27
    I LOVE the commercial with the guy who walks up to the scale and gets a readout of 249. He puts his headphones on, does a lap around the gym equipment, and gets back on the scale. When it still says 249 (how f'ed up is that???? ) he smacks it.
    I like that one too, and I saw a good new one last night. It's for Dairy Queen, and the male shrimp asks his wife, "want to try this new Dairy Queen popcorn?". She says sure, takes some, and then "You idiot, this is popcorn Shrimp! Where are the kids?" He opens his mouth and the little fried shrimp swim out crying.
    It was funny the first three times I saw it, but this is going to be one of those we see way too much, it's already been on a zillion times last night and today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marleybone
    Nasonex nasal spray. It's animated with the bee talking to the flower in a French accent.

    "I have returned, my flower... a changed bee."

    It's just cute.

    That one makes me laugh too. That bee is so freakin' cute. Something like, "Your lush flower beckons." Good advertising.
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    Saw a new one I liked today.

    Commercial is for Capital One Visa card.

    The commercial features an ostrich, and life from his point of view. He says "I was born with wings, but can't fly" as he sadly watches birds flying overhead. Cue more dramatic sad music and sad times for him as he lives set apart from others of his kind.

    Then suddenly he finds the Capital One Visa card and we see him at the airport booking his flight, then finally relaxing in first class inflight, looking out the window as they pass birds in flight, and he gets a satisfied smile on his ..um.. face as he finally realizes his dream to fly.

    It's cute
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