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Thread: Commercials I love

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    Since we are huge dog lovers, and have been to Westminster when my son showed dogs in junior showmanship, I find the commercial mimmicking a dog show with cars, trucks, etc instead. Reminds me of the movie Best in Show. So, funny!

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    I LOVE the Geico "Tiny House" commercial! I swear, I really wanted to see that show. I was bummed it was just a joke. They totally got me.

    The commercial that cracks me up every time it's on is the one where the guy's supposed to be paying bills upstairs, but he's goofing around on the computer, putting a photo of his head on Stonehenge, playing air drums while cranking music, playing solitaire, etc. Then his wife comes in and asks him how he's doing and he's like "Just paying the bills". She leaves, then peeks in on him again and he jumps "What?!" Just like a kid would do. So adorable!

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    Its on like Donkey Kong! DarKensoul7's Avatar
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    I love the Geico Tiny House one. At first I thought it was a real show too lol...

    Some other ones I like are the ones showing the average mom doing super things like slam dunk, jump sky high, and other stuff. I forgot what product was that for. Some eating product.

    I also love the juicy fruit one where the pinata and the dummy comes alive.
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    Absolutely love the commercial for a some car company that has 4 or 5 guys in the car and one of them in the back seat is singing along to "Man I Feel Like A Woman" by Shania Twain. The guy next to him tries to get a far way from him as possible.
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    I love the virgin wireless commercials. It has "Christmahanukwanzakuh" with a song and everything. Hilarious, absolutely hilarious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarKensoul7

    I also love the juicy fruit one where the pinata and the dummy comes alive.

    That one frightens me O so very badly.

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    i like the one with capital one credit card and the barbarians running through the store and the spritz lady trying to spray them as they go by. there is a longer version and its even more funny

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    I need to ask you all for help. Do you see that Penny's commmercial? and what are they singing? It sounds to me like they're saying "Let Marlo Open the Door". I need to see mouths to understand what is said and there are no people singing on this one. Guess they're in the other room.

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    I don't get that commercial Muduh, but maybe it's the Pete Townshend song "Let My Love Open the Door"?

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    I'm bacckkk LiVvV's Avatar
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    Right now, I love that HP photo printer commercial with the guy keep changing his facial expressions like in the picture. Love it.

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