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Thread: Commercials I love

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSi
    about the quiznos commercial, i hate it, but it's brilliant. the one thing marketing tries to do is to get people to remember the product. . . and everyone knows quiznos now. I barely even heard of them until last summer.
    Exactly, whoever designed that commercial is brilliant.

    Anyway. I have a few favorites. I love a couple of minivan commercials just because they use Modest Mouse and Flaming Lips songs.

    There's this awesome commercial for AOL where you can get these animated buddy things for your AIM. They show this kid and his mother chatting with dad. The kid keeps seeing "make it do it again!" over and over. Then they cut to Dad and he's surrounded by coworkers all saying "make it do it again" over and over.

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    I was just watching "Banned In America: The Sexiest Commercials" just a few minutes ago. It was hilarous ! I like the one of Magnum ice-cream, where the guy was kissing the girl, and was about to get the condom to use at a nearby machine at the cafe, when he noticed the Magnum machine just near by, before he indulged in the... ice-cream ! Hilarious !

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    There was a Steven Seagal commercial on during Arrested Development on Sunday night. It was for a soft drink, Mountain Dew maybe, and he accidentally foils a convenience store robbery. It just cracked me up. He looked better than I've seen him look in a while.

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    One Word: FANTA

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    Ohhh yess...those Fanta commercials are something. The theme sticks in my head. My movie theatre even played it before The Day After Tomorrow. The song is catchy though.

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    I think these are only on the radio but I love those Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" commercials. The newest one "Mr. Over the Top Carb Counter Guy" is hilarious. Like the "I Love The 90's" one from VH-1 also with the 90210 Peach Pit spoof.

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    The sour starburst commercial with the Chinese man is absolutely halarious!!!

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    AR Boy
    The Heinekin (sp?) ad with Jennifer Aniston
    The Toyota Formula One Advertisments (Change the pace ads)
    Emrites advertisments- The quote makes good jokes at occasions

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    I know it's old.. like.. REALLY old.. but I think the "Chicken Tonight" commercial from like the early 90's (late 80's?) is absolutely hystarical. There's one woman in particular who just made me roar with laughter when she would appear.. I think near the end of the commercial. She had long brown curleyish hair, and her "chicken dance" at the end was truly.. inspired..

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    Ok, I'm a sick, sick person but ...
    I just saw a commercial for Dairy Queen's brownie batter blizzard. I laughed my frikkin butt off.
    It starts out with a man talking like his tongue has fallen asleep.. his wife was making brownies about a month ago and it shows him in the kitchen and his wife hands him the automatic hand-held mixer to lick the batter. Cut to the front of the house and excruciating screams and the sound of the electric mixer. LMAO
    I'm laughing typing this. I know, I'm sick but I just can't help it
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