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Thread: Commercials I love

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    I'm pretty sure it's for Disneyland. But there are different shots of a dog meeting Pluto, and random things that this dog is doing... he's having the time of his life.

    Then they pan to the dog sleeping at home and his little paws are moving around cause he was dreaming of going to Disneyland! It's sooooooo cute!!
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    The Afflac Duck I NEVER get tired of...

    The Haunted Hotel At Disney

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    I like the Foster Farms one with the chickens. . . "Pepperoni? It was sausage!!"

    I also like the one where the guy is giving the girl his phone number in the fast food place across the room. "I'll have three NUMBER 5s, that's what MARVIN wants!"

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    I love the deodorant ad with Randy Johnson playing dodgeball with a bunch of guys. He pummels most of them and the ones who aren't hit yet are running for the door.
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    The Great Adventure one with the old guy dancing.

    The Visa commercial with the little lost dog trying to get home.

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    I just saw one this afternoon.. where the basset hound pulls his chair to the dinner table.. saying he wants what his owner is eating.. and Kibbles & Bits are talking about their new can food that tastes like human food.. the little dog is doing dances and moonwalking at the end

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    I love the commercials about identity theft. There is one with an old woman cleaning a pool talking about what she did with the credit card she stole only it is a man's voice. Has anyone seen them?

    I also love the commercial where the family of four are traveling and both the kids are in the back listening to music one their headphones and singing then it shows the parents listening to "there kind of music" and the kids looking as though they are in pain from it (I assume the batteries finally ran out on there headphones)

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    Quote Originally Posted by truelysapphire
    I love the commercials about identity theft. There is one with an old woman cleaning a pool talking about what she did with the credit card she stole only it is a man's voice. Has anyone seen them?

    I like those too, have you seen the one with the Oriental woman whose voice comes out in what I can only call (please forgive!) a streotypically gay male voice? And the one with a man who has a female Southern accent coming out of his mouth, carrying on about buying things on the shopping channel?
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    Imma a fan of the commercial where the guy is at the airport (I think that's where he is) and he walks up to the guy at the counter and hands him these two objects that kinda look like silicon; anyway he goes "I found these by the stairs" and the guy at the counter says "oh ok, just leave them there, I'll put them in the lost & found." The other guy looks at him confused and says "what exactly are they?" The guy at the counter says "their love handles. That's what happens when people use the stairs." This sounds lame, but it's way funny. I was seriously in tears...

    & I agree with the Identity Theft commercials; their halarious.

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    I read that Adrien Brody Diet Coke commercial. But I doubt I get to see it here. Anybody there seen it?

    In "Bounce," a cool, happy-go-lucky guy walks through a neighborhood in Queens with a definite and pronounced bounce in his step. Effervescent bubbles flow from the Diet Coke he is enjoying, interacting with the people he passes (as well as man's best friend), adding a little "bounce" to their day, as well. The bubbles form the word "Bounce" and the tagline appears.
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