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Thread: LASIK eye surgery

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    Average Jane, thanks for the info!

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    Everyone eventually needs reading glasses. Our focal point moves out our entire lives. That's why toddlers cram books right in front of their eyes to see things. Eventually, our focal point will move out beyond arm's reach, which requires each of us to use reading glasses. But as Jane said, that's better than needing corrective lenses. You don't have to wear reading glasses all the time, and you can buy 'em for a couple of bucks off the rack at the drugstore.

    Also Jane's right in that LASIK works much better for near-sightedness (which was my affliction). That's because the laser is reshaping your cornea, and far-sighted folks' corneas come to more of a point (I guess). It's harder to configure such an eye shape to the normal curvature. In my case, I think they just chiseled off some of the excess cornea with the laser so that the light focuses properly on my retina. It works better for near-sighted people because of the shape of the cornea, but I don't really know what shape we're talking about. Maybe a big, fat, wide, distorted cornea.
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    Eldee! I didn't recognize you - you changed your Avatar!

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    I had lasik done 5 years ago this month
    I LOVE it. The first time I went to the beach after the procedure, I appreciated it even more! Just make sure to do your homework beforehand & make sure you use a reputable Dr. who has LOTS of experience with lasik. I have heard some horror stories about things going wrong, but it almost always involves using some cut-rate clinic. Price isn't everything, especially when it comes to your health/body/vision.

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    Like someone else just said, I don't mean to sound negative, but really research before you do this. A man my husband works with went to the best man in our city and had the procedure done. That was over a year ago and he has never been able to return to work. He will soon have to take a disability. I know this is just one story of many, but I would hate to be that one.

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    Someone I work with had the surgery and he says it is great, but that he will eventually need reading glasses - he's hoping not for a long long time.

    I, on the other hand, am 25 and I already wear bifocals. Even though I'm a total chicken, I was even considering the surgery, but it probably wouldn't be able to fix both my inability to see anything farther away than a book in my hand or the clock hanging on the wall...I think I'm just in big trouble from the word go.

    When I win the lottery, I'm just going to get eye transplants...that should cure it.

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    I will...stick to my contact lenses and glasses, I can't stand when the eye doctor has to do that puff of air test-now that drives me crazy!

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    I'm thinking of having this done. Can anyone recommend a good doctor in the New York area?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marley
    BTW: I sometimes wonder if LASIK is so great, why do so many Eye Drs. themselves wear glasses?
    That's the main reason I hesitate to have this done. I would love to do it but when I'm at work and I see the Pediatric Ophthamologist come in I notice that he's still wearing glasses and it makes me stop and think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Meanie
    The important thing to remember with this is that once it's done, it's permanent. If your eyes were correctable with contacts or glasses prior to surgery, you cannot fall back on that if the surgery changed your vision for the worse. In my mind, that is why a lot of people (including eye doctors) don't have it done. Chances are the surgery will be successful, but there is always a risk....
    Actually - that is an incorrect statement. I had LASIK surgery five years ago (loved it - would do it again in a heartbeat) and my doctor offered a 1-year "redo" option - in case I wanted better results after the healing. My sister lives in a different state and her doctor offered the same. She had good results, but needed a little tweaking in her right eye, so she went and had it fixed, no extra charge.

    They can transplant parts of eyes, so going back in and contouring, reshaping after surgery isn't a big deal.

    In my opinion, 99.9999999% of the success lies in how the patient follows the after-care guidelines. (Moisturing using preservative-free drops, etc.)


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