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Thread: LASIK eye surgery

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    Re: LASIK eye surgery

    Instead of bifocal lenses, they did one of my eyes for far vision, and one for reading. Your brain will work it out! Interesting, and a, mostly, very positive experience, all around.
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    Re: LASIK eye surgery

    That's pretty much what I have -
    monovision, they call it.
    Both my eyes were good for distance, but I couldn't read what was in my face without glasses. a pain to pick out shampoo and conditioner when the bottles were the same

    for over a year, I tried one contact, but I had problems getting it in, then more problems keeping it in. I never got used to the split and would be squiting one eye all the time.
    they only did surgery on one eye (nice) and I don't squint anymore, I can read books, read my computer screen (like 10-15 hrs a day) and don't use glasses at all.
    I may get a little magnifying glass for very very tiny tiny print - but that doesn't bother me at all.
    I would recommend lasik to anyone.

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    Re: LASIK eye surgery

    Can anyone recommend a good dr. for Lasik in NYC?
    Preferably one that you did your lasik with, and went well.


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