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Thread: Help... I think I have a Computer Virus

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    Oh, that sucks Lucy! I've only had little minor bugs and viruses. *knocks wood*
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    Thanks, MissF. This is the worst one -- the only one, really -- that I've ever had. It knocks all my assumptions that I'm semi-computer literate on their asses, because I am clueless as to how to fix it. I'm just grateful it's the work laptop so it's my IT people's problem.
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    That's pretty good to have the IT people work for you, Lucy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    Well, I'm currently saying cuss words that have no place in a PG-13 forum. I've got a computer virus. I made the IDIOT mistake of opening an attachment (I *swear* it was from someone I knew) and now there are stupid little zip files prancing all around my computer. Oddly, it hasn't prevented the computer from working, but it has wiped OUT all my documents, includes notes that I needed TODAY.
    No need to advise me to download anti-virus stuff, it's the work computer (thank god) and while my IT people had me download two things to try to fix it, they didn't work. I'm going to have to take it back to my main office, an hour away. GRRR!
    I have no idea what virus it is, but I'm posting this as a warning that there's one out there, lurking, like a ##$%$ predator. So update all these handy anti-virus thingies.
    I know EXACTLY how poo-like it is to have a computer virus. At work several months ago, I was just doing a normal search for....oddly.....a cheap discount book on Microsoft Project, and up popped a virus. I had no time to react. Have you ever seen the movie, "Independence Day" where Will Smith downloads a virus into the mother ship? The little "download" bar flies across the screen with a shaking little skeleton? That's EXACTLY what happened to me, only unlike the movie, mine happened in the same amount of time it takes to say, "oh sh*t" *ding* Virus complete. What's worse is that the big, big, big, head of IT was in town that week, working on our new server room and had to be pulled away to help with my virus. It was sick and twisted, it was.

    And Lucy...yes the circus music was on my computer. But it's gone now! Woo hoo!
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