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Thread: Your favorite comedian?

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    Jim Gaffigan, the guy on the Sierra Mist commercials and that show "My Boys". His stand up act is hilarious!

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    Resident curmudgeon Newfherder's Avatar
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    I don't think that I can name any professional comedians, but I sure crack me up some times Unfortunately, the only one who understands my off-FORT humor is my ex-wife.
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    I don't know that I have a favorite, but Cedric the Entertainer sure had me going the other night when he was talking abou having a live Nativity scene on his lawn.

    Newf, it's sort of hard for our talent to go unrecognized, isn't it?

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    Was just watching Comedy Central on tv just now as I was surfing through FoRT during commercials, so jumped in to add Russell Peters to the list of my favorite current comedians. (Watching his Comedy Central standup show in reruns as we speak) I've been a fan of his for several years, and he just keeps getting better
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    I love Russell Peters. My kids brought a Dave Chapell tape...beyond the language, he is pretty funny.

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    I like Jeff Foxworthy's simple humor.
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    The late great Mitch Hedberg. His death was such a waste.

    George Carlin, so classic!

    Dave Mordal was great on his season of Last Comic Standing.

    I saw a special on HBO recently, by Mike Epps, and he was funny as heck. I'd love to see more by him.

    Denis Leary, although I haven't seen anything any new comedy from him in a while. I really enjoy him on "Rescue Me", though.

    Ones I don't like include Dane Cook. I saw a special of his on HBO and really didn't see what's so great about him.

    ETA: I used to love that old show on Comedy Central "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn". That was great, and there would be some fantastic comedians on there.
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    I'm currently loving Lewis Black, because we got two of his dvd's for Christmas. I especially love it when he gets all worked up.
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    The best Daily Show epis are the ones with Back in Black. I even sat through "Accepted", just for Lewis. Love his brand of humour.
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