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Thread: Your favorite comedian?

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    Saw Carlin, Amazing Jonathan, Gary Mule Deer, Bob Nelson, Kinison(twice), and Richard Jeni in person. All of them were great, I did see Gallager in concert and was dissapointed. I think he was working on a new act and it needed lots of work on it. I may have been expecting too much since I had seen all his show tapes.
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    Of course Mordal is my #1 fella
    Chris Rock
    Ellen has come a long way....
    Aisha Tyler is surprisingly funny
    Hal Sparks and Michael Ian Black - on VH1 - very funny
    George Carlin
    David Spade - his stand-up is great
    The D, of course (thanks for that one, Snow)

    I know there's a million more.

    eta: Maybe it's me, I just don't "get" Mitch Hedberg (name?). He's sooo not funny.
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    Lewis Black...I find him very funny for some reason. Normally I don't find angry people funny but he is. I think because he comes out with things like when he overheard the line about "if it wasn't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college." and he just takes it from there.

    I also adored Dennis Wolfberg (may have spelt his name wrong) He was a red haired comic who died about 10 years ago of cancer. He was very funny.

    I like Jeff Foxworthy. Just watched the Blue Collar Comedy Jam (or trip or whatever) that was funny. Bill Cosby always makes me laugh. As does Robin Williams.
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    I love COMEDY and I have a catalog of Comedy CD's that...
    I could open my OWN store. As long as the person (male-female) touches my funny bone they are a fan to me.

    My personal faves

    George Carlin
    Margaret Cho
    Kate Clinton
    Bill Engvall
    Jeff Foxworthy
    Larry The Cable Guy
    Suzanne Westenhoefer
    Robin Williams

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    Mama Harold
    How could I have forgotten Robin Williams and Margaret Cho???? And Steve Martin? I had ALL his material memorized when I was in high school. I still have my copy of The Cruel Shoes.

    *slaps forehead*

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    I see I forgot Dennis Leary, Lewis Black, and Dave Atell on my earlier list. I used to watch the Daily Show just for Lewis Black's rants and who can forget Dennis Leary (and Adam Sandler, etc.) starting out on MTV's Remote Control.
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    Great Topic.

    Mich Hedberg
    Amazing Jonathan
    Dave Mordal
    Rich Vos
    Dennis leary
    Dave Chappelle
    Lewis Black
    Harland Williams

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    I just heard this really funny guy, Daniel Tosh, on Kilborn. He was really funny, add him too my list.

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    Mama Harold
    Let's not forget Eddie Izzard either! "I'm covered in beeeeeeeeeeees!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvm View Post
    to Chris Rock

    I also love Dave Chappelle and Artie Lange
    I'm not sure who Artie Lange is but, I LOVE Chris Rock and just saw Dave Chappelle on "Inside the Actor's studio". I love him even more after seeing him on this. Just seems like a real good guy.

    I think Eddie Murphy is the best at stand up.

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