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Thread: The FORT medline

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    Originally posted by duckgirl
    "Help, Dr Fluff, I cut my arm off with a chainsaw!"

    "Some toast will take care of that."
    If Rocket Ramano had come to me he'd have been back operating weeks ago.
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    The thing about natural home remedies is that they are basically what drugs are just not a measured controlled amount..

    For instance Watermelon is a natural diuretic.. so instead of having someone eat a watermelon you just give them a diuretic pill..
    Or Tea,, tea also has some soothing anti inflamitory proportions
    Milk produces mucus,, which can slow or stop the absorbtion of fluids.. which you need when you have diahrrea.. clear liquids are best,, but milk can soothe your stomach,, upper GI tract..

    There are a lot of things in nature obviously that are medicinal.. science borrowed and copied synthetically to be able to control amounts according to weight , age other factors etc... but both are great and helpful if you know about them..
    all that stuff

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