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Thread: Are you superstitious?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xmaskat
    It must be. My grandmother came to the U.S. from Ireland and she had all kinds of superstitions and things that we had to do. No shoes on the table, no shoes on the bed, if you forgot something & came back in the house to get it, you had to sit down for awhile first before leaving the house again, umbrellas in the house were bad luck, the list goes on & on...
    Thanks, xmasKat!

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    The Number 6 in 3's
    Black Cats Crossing Your Path
    Walking over a cracked sidewalk
    Walking Under Ladders
    Going onto floors that happens to be 13 and BTW, buildings that bypass 13 and goes to 14 is still 13 no matter what....

    I guess I AM superstious

    This is also a given fact...
    I am from HAWAII and I firmly believe these facts....

    When visiting the Big Island (Hawaii) do NOT take home lava rocks home with you as souveniors. Baaaaad Luck! Rocks of ALL sizes are ancient spirits! Many people have experienced bad luck and to break the curse they have to be returned!

    On the island of Oahu, its bad luck to be driving over the Pali w/ Pork Meat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BorderEevil2
    The Number 6 in 3's.....
    Do you mean 666?
    Ahhhhh! The ceiling just fell and the electricity is flickering. Coincidence? Naw, it didn't happen.

    Sometimes I feel that by mentioning something I'm hoping for, that I will jinx it.

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    More stuff....

    Breaking A Mirror = 7 yrs of bad luck
    spilling of salt

    stuff thats well known from back home...
    - transporting pork over an area called the Pali
    - whistling at night, a manager that I worked for told me that whistling calls the dead spirits

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