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Thread: Are you superstitious?

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    My husband has his yearly review today. Having your review on a Friday afternoon always makes me nervous because I have seen too many people fired that way...so I'm a bit of a wreck until I hear from him this evening.

    No Friday the 13th bad luck, I forbid it! *crossing both fingers*
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    today is friday the 13th?

    no im not superstitious

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    Friday the 13th is no big deal to me...now Monday the 13th.
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

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    Nothing odd about today stood out. Well, not unless you count that event where a car, driving at full speed, is coming my way while I'm crossing the parking lot. I had to literally jump to get onto the sidewalk on the other side. Stupid teenage drivers.

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    AR Boy
    only shoes on the table and the ladder

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    I'm a little superstitious. But only a little. I do admit I'm more careful when it comes to Friday the 13th.

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    Here's a crazy question in honor of Friday the 13th. If a black cat crosses in front of you, wouldn't you actually be crossing his path? If the black cat was to cross your path, he would have to cross behind you. Right? Or does that even make sense to anyone?
    When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down "Happy." They told me I didn't understand the assignment. I told them they didn't understand life. - John Lennon

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    I usually have good luck on Friday the 13th. But there are other things I'm superstitious about: never walk under a ladder, never set your shoes on the bed, if you spill salt you have to throw some over your shoulder, and I always knock wood if I'm talking about something I don't want to happen.

    The black cat thing doesn't bother me, or sidewalk cracks, or broken mirrors.

    The best superstitions are some of the things athletes do when they're on a winning streak. (If that qualifies.)

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    I don't believe in Friday the 13th BUT ... I never walk under ladders, I never open an umbrella indoors....

    I do believe in the broken mirror curse lol, a friend of ours had sex in our bathroom & broke our mirror last 4th of July & even though WE didnt break the mirror...believe it or not, we had a LOT of unfortunate incidents happening after that! For instance both our cars broke down at once, leaving us completely stranded for over a week...that was just one incident, it got really bad for awhile until I said "Hey, how about we get that broken mirror in the bathroom fixed!"
    Could've been coincidental I suppose... then again...maybe not :-)

    Anyways, so I'm superstitious...13 is actually a lucky number for me, so I don't fear Friday the 13th, au contraire, I welcome it lol.

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    I had a weird thing happen to me today when I was filling my car up at the gas station. When my tank got full the pump didn't shut off and gas came spewing out all over me, my car and the ground. They had to come outside and clean it up and everyting. Good thing I don't smoke.

    I married into a very superstitious family though and they introduced me to one I'd never heard of before. They say it's bad luck to wash all your clothes in the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. You're supposed to leave a wash cloth or sock or something dirty so your luck'll be good.
    A man can convince anyone he's somebody else, but never himself. - Verbal Kint from the movie The Usual Suspects

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