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Thread: Radio Contests

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    Once, when I was in 9th grade I won a poster in a radio contest. I was taking Latin classes in my spare time at the local youth center (yes, I'm a geek!). The classroom for the latin class was right next to the radio studio where local kids could try making real radio programs. I was going to Latin when some kid grabbed me and asked if I wanted to win a poster. I said no, but then he begged me and said they'd had this contest for a poster and noone (not a single person) had called in. This kid gave me the question and the answer, and hustled me into a room right next to the radio studio where there was a phone, dialed up the number of the radio show, where I dutifully answered the question, they played an applause soundbit, put on a song and asked me my name adress and then we hung up. I went to Latin class and the poster arrived about a week later.

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    That is really cool Terena. Congrats!! Good luck on the trip part.

    I used to win radio contests all the time when I was younger. Things like 6 packs of Coke or CASSETTE TAPES (lol). When I was 19 I won a national contest on a video show (canadian MTV-type show) and won a trip to Hollywood!!! Woohoo it was a good time despite all the screw ups (almost didn't leave the airport). I would love to visit again. Plus it was January and the weather seemed so nice, compared to where I live. All of the people around the hotel thought we were nuts to be swimming in the outdoor pool!!!
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    Not in a radio contest, but I once did win airline tickets to London with BritRail passes, and another time won a trip to the Blockbuster Awards Show plus a week in LA with airfare, hotel, etc.
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    I won tickets to see Bad Company (1991) and I won a Stray Cats *ALBUM* (1983). That's about it. They have some great radio contests here in NY, but I never win!

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    I've won quite a few radio contests but nothing big. Duran Duran tickets, Disney on Ice tickets etc...
    I NEVER ger through for the contests I desperately want to win!

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