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Thread: Anyone tried Proactive skin care?

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    I didn't have any luck with ProActive. My skin is pretty sensitive, so the ProActive seemed to make it more irritated, red, and sore. I tried a bunch of topical treatments prescribed to me by a dermatologist, but these seemed to lose effectiveness after a month or so because my skin built up an immunity. I finally got really good results using a prescription face wipe and a pill (I can't think of the names at the moment, but can try to get them later). Also, since it's a prescription it was covered under my insurance.

    I've also had some success with the Burt's Bees acne stuff, if anyone is interested in a slightly more natural solution

    Does the stuff have Benzoic peroxide in it? I'm really allergic to it and get a pretty bad rash from it similar to what you've described. You might want to check the ingredients, especially the "active" ones (I think that's what they're called) to see if there might be something in there that you're allergic to. Some moisturizers actually have alcohol in them, which can dry out the skin. Usually baby moisturizers are pretty good for sensitive facial skin because they are made especially gentle.

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    The problem i find with proactiv( and or any other skin treatment) is the fact that you have to continue using it, you can't just stop and your skin will stay radiant. I've seen the infomercial where someone has been on it for 10 yrs. You condition your body to it to the point of having no choice but to shell out money every other month or so for it. Last year i used nature's cure, it's a combination of pills and a cream and it showed progress in the first 2 weeks as it stated.
    Before, i used the avon brand Clearskin, the cleansing pads. As soon as i was out of it you'd notice it on my face. Especially during the summer.
    After im done with the Nature's cure pills, i stay using the cream for as long as possible and i am right now. It's odorless but the box says it can dye your hair and bleach your clothes should it come into contact with the topical cream. I dread the thought of it finishing but damn it, i get sick having to apply these creams/ ointments to my skin.

    Nature's cure also has a set for body acne.
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    My daughter's face has cleared up AMAZINGLY with proactive. We will NEVER go without it. She's 14 and has been using it a year. For 2 years before that, she tried lots of other stuff and nothing worked as well as proactive.
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    Has anyone tried Blu-U? My daughter wants to try it.

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    Mu husband uses Proactive on and off. He thinks its good stuff.
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    I tried my niece's ProActive a few years ago and it made my skin very red. I haven't tried it since. I have very sensitive skin
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    I don't know if any of you tried the FreeAcne, but it is just as good as proactive. I got it at Wal-Mart and it was about $16. The only thing I noticed is that it makes your face shiny. I'm not sure if it is that or my new foundation. But it is good. I suggest you try it if you can't afford, or don't want to drop the $$ on proactive
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    My grandson used ProActiv, then some prescription stuff and now he's on that stuff that you have to have the checkups to make sure it isn't damaging your kidneys or something like that. The thing is, his face wasn't horrible to begin with. My son was against the strong stuff, but he lost out to the kids mom. Anyway, his face always looks red and sort of waxy. It's like he has no pores or something.

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    I would also like to suggest that anybody with face outbreak problems seriously up their water intake everyday. I say this because my son, who was raised to drink plenty of water everyday (we even had the water machine with the big upside down bottle on it), found out that when he cut his water intake, in favor of soft drinks, his face broke out, big-time!! Everything improved when he got back to drinking a decent amount of water...and I didn't have to nag him about it. He saw, for himself, that water really was the most beneficial thing for his skin. His skin is gorgeous.

    He still will drink soft drinks, but water is his main beverage.
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    My son uses the ProActive but it only works when we get him to use it. It's very hard to get a 12 year old to wash his face let alone put something on it religiously. He drinks a lot of water so that helps, but he also indulges in the sugary stuff.

    I was thinking about using The Body Shop Tea Tree wipes since that would be easier for him, just whip it out and wipe it on, voila.

    It will take some convincing though, he's not really self conscious about his breakouts.
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