marybethp: Yes, although I thought it was the cable feed. I've had that happen even without TiVo.

There are TiVo communities online and they answer all kinds of tech stuff, if you wanted to *cough* adapt your TiVo.

Does anyone know what to do about this...Time/Warner just bought out the local cable co., and changed the lineup completely. They even did that earlier than teh planned rollout date.

So far, TiVo and the cable box are at odds. The info box at the top and bottom of the screen say different things usually. And of course this makes using TiVo difficult, since it thinks it's recording one thing and Time Warner's channel is showing another...since they changed the lineup!

I thought it might sync up once the official rollout date passed, but, that day came and went, and no changes. We phoned Time/Warner, and after only four tries and a couple hours, total, on hold, we talked to a live person. Hubby said she "tried something" there, to fix it, but again there were no changes.

I don't know if you can even get a live person at TiVo any more. But since I can't really search for shows accurately and certain shows aren't taping any more I'd really like to get it sorted out. Anyone have tips?