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Thread: Internet Memories

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    First internet experence? AOL....I think early 1994. All I know is I was a new mom trying to figure out toilet training and discovered the wonderful world of AOL message boards. I kept a timer by the computer and only allowed myself 15 minutes at a time so not to run up our bill (it wasn't unlimited access then) and would flash session to get email.

    First computer experence was in 1980 trying to learn FORTRAN....or something like that, I blocked out those bad memories. Had to type everything into this computer cards, and you would have dozens of them for the smallest program. First time I saw a personal computer was in 1982 when I was trying to take BASIC (I had to drop the other one in total shame) and my boyfriends roommate had just gotten one and thought it would be easier for me to learn on his computer then type it into the big computer cards. Nice idea, lovely guy....to bad he was wrong.
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    I can remember when AOL billed by the hour, my sister had it and it was slow as the dickens. Didn't get my first computer until '98.

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