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Thread: Adopting a Cat, but having trouble deciding..

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    Oh, they are all so cute! I only have one cat, but I get so much joy from her - she is the love of my life.

    Best of luck with whatever you decide!
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    Get all three...2 are already gonna be work & money, how much more will a 3rd be :-)

    Or...you can get all three, then personally see to it that one of them gets a good home with somebody else.... Choose which one of them you want to keep (Tac...he's SO cute!!!!) & put the other one up for adoption yourself & make sure it gets to people you know! (You can claim visiting rights!)

    Good luck deciding, they're adoreable!!

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    If you don't adopt the two, can you take your cat back for a visit and see which ones get along the best?

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    I say adopt them all. If you can afford the vet and so on, then do it. You will be doing them a favor by giving them a loving home they deserve. Too many cats get "tossed" away. I love cats. My female had 3 kittens (all male) in October (which gives us a total of 5 now) and we decided to keep them instead of giving them away.

    Cats are loveable, fun to play with and they are great for the soul.

    Good luck and thanks for adopting!!

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    I also say all three, if you can afford it and find enough space, cats love company despite the erroneous claims that they are 'loner animals'. also, as others pointed out, two isn't that different from three except for the jockeying for lap space. If there are two people in the house, and three cats, there will be times that you'll have a cat on each thigh (or one on your shoulder, depending on the cat)

    But if you absolutely have to choose, go for the black kitty. In an old neighborhood that was slightly cat friendly, there were still older cat lovers who thought of black cats as bad luck. Discrimination is bad. BUt mostly, go with which one chooses you.

    BEst of luck! I know how hard that decision can be, my cat appeared on the doorstep over 10 years ago, chose my house. A month or so later another cat came, but living with my parents with 2 cats already, they said no. However, we did keep the animal until we found it a nother home, maybe you can foster mommy the third.

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    All three. Here's my logic on it... (dunno what the roomie situation is, ie; school, love, friends)

    If you two decide not to live together, that'll mean that you'll only have one kitty who is used to having a playmate..but now is alone. They do get depressed when thier buddy/lover/pal isn't around anymore and it's hard to watch a cat be depressed... you would end up getting another anyway, might as well get it now cause they are the same age.
    The cost isn't much more...and the happiness of watching two of'm play (not to mention 3) is reallllllly worth it!!

    Get all three!
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    Any decision yet?

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    I've adopted a few cats in my day.

    The first was from a shelter with about 40 cats, and almost all of them trying to get the attention of the people coming to look at them. With no other way to decide, I finally went from cage to cage to see who had been there the longest--which cat really, really needed to be adopted, because it was a shelter that only killed when they needed space for new ones. Who's number was up next? I took that cat, a standoffish brown tabby who had been there 2 weeks, who was sitting in the back of his cage ignoring everybody and getting ignored in return. He was "origin unknown", with a big scab on his nose, too. That was my Brownie, eventually with me for 10 years, and was a wonderful boy.

    The next one I adopted came after I had 4 children and a chaotic house. I needed a cat that wasn't shy. I took all the kids to a shelter that had an open cat room, told the kids to sit on the floor, and we'd see which cat wasn't afraid to come to us. That way, we got Fluffy, a hugely overweight but not the least bit shy talker who rules the house and even tells the dogs what to do.

    Good luck!

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    All three! My old roommate and I had one cat (saved the little guy from the streets) and were looking for a companion for him when we knew we were moving into a bigger place. We went to the local SPCA and there were two brothers. We both gravitated to each brother and after playing and hanging with them for a few hours decided to adopt both of them.

    Over the years, all three of them at one time or another cost us a small fortune at the vet. Hopefully there are low cost vaccination clinics in your area to help you during the first year of shots and such. Shops like Petco and Petsmart are great because you can buy food and litter in bulk.

    The only thing I would request is that along with the love and attention you provide all three of them, make sure you have plenty of toys, at least one cat tree for climbing and scratching and at least one litter box per kitty (although 4 is preferred, commonly known as the one per cat plus one rule).

    Good luck in your decision!

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    Well, the decision is made: Along with Callikins, my Roomie is adopting Tac. As adorable and sweet as Dickens is, I'm holding off for the moment. We'll give a couple weeks to adjust a bit and see how it all works out at the new place. And if Dickens doesn't have an adopter by then, there's a strong possibility that he too will join the brood.

    Thanks all for your help and comments! As much as my soft heart is telling me to just get both Calli and Dickens right now, I need to use a little logic to appease the roomie (who is a friend of mine and has been my roomie for 2 years now). We did just sign a year lease, so might not want to tick her off too much right now......

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