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Thread: What do you think?

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    I don't have girls and none of my boys are even close to being teens, so I won't be dealing with "issues" for a while hopefully.

    It always amuses me that young girls even want navel piercings nowadays, I find it so 1995.
    Navel piercings are just terminally naff, imo.
    Tattoos at 16? No way in my house.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Hair grows in , piercings heal over. I could really care less if my kids wanted to do that stuff. Probably because I've always told them that - none of them have.Piercing weird places is a health risk, if you an adult and want to take the risk fine - I'm not making that decision for you.
    I always laugh at the teenaged pics of Elizabeth Hurley with piercings that would make a zulu warrior proud.
    Cosmetic surgery - not unless it was needed. I have cousin that was born with a cleft palate- stuff like that. Because her parents took care of it early , as an adult she has no scarring.

    Thongs -if its underwear, who cares? I'd draw the line at a bathing suit.

    Tatoos nothing drastic , small stuffs ok. Don't ever ask to have me pay to remove it.

    Anything major , you can do what you want when you are an adult and pay for it.(and suffer the consequences)

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