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Thread: Question for pet owners!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedStickLA
    You only mention dogs so I don't know if you are considering other pets or not.

    I'm open to caring for anything but reptiles or rats.

    Quote Originally Posted by RedStickLA
    If possible I would also get to know the owners and workers in pet shops, groomers ect.. Let them know you are offering this service. A lot of people call and ask them for recommendations.
    Great idea!

    Quote Originally Posted by tracylee
    If you're going to go into business as a pet nanny, you'd need to be licensed, bonded and insured in order to spend time in people's houses.
    I know.

    Quote Originally Posted by tracylee
    You should also build up a base of references that are willing to be called on to vouch for you. If people are going to pay someone to take care of their 'children', they want to know that they'll be well cared for.

    When you do get started, set up a database of owner information, animal information, vet information, food, etc. Anything you can think of about each pet, so that you can easily reference it the next time they call!
    Great idea!

    Thanks everyone for the input & suggestions, I really appreciate it!

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    My Grandma use to do this and got lots of business. Should start off with friends and that first and get people to recommend you, that is what she did and was doing it every week. Unfortunately can't ask her what she charged, but should check around at places who do this and find out what they charge.

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