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Thread: Online Dating?

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    Online Dating?

    OK confession time!! How many of you have tried this? How many love stories or how many episode of STALKER (masterpiece) theater do we have to hear? Has any 1 hooked up here on the FORT? I am so curious (OK Just Nosy) about your internet looooove fests!! Do tell!!!
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    My friend gets all defensive whenever I tell him his "girlfriend" lives hundreds of miles away and they've never seen each other. They met through Livejournal and type up baby-talk. It's really annoying. They're still hoping to get married but I doubt that'll happen anytime soon.

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    The vast majority of the girls I've gone on dates with (not that there's that many to begin with) I originally met online. Only one girl I actually knew in real life before I asked her out.

    Neither method has really worked for me though. Damn, I really need to get that puncture repair kit for Christmas...
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    I met my husband online. We lived ten miles apart for two years before we ever met. We had gone to some of the same places on some of the same weekends before we ever talked online(but had never seen each other). We met in a Dallas chat room. We have been married for six years and have two lovely(someitmes scary) children.

    Before my husband I had met quite a few people online then in person. I have traveled to Georgia and Indiana from Texas to meet people from online. I have chatted with people in France and China that led to actual "on paper" pen pals for a while. In my own area I met at least 20 people from online chatrooms and I never attended a chatroom party to do so.

    My best advice for meeting people over the internet is that two people(and a friend or two) over 21 should meet in a heavy traffic public place. Never meet someone at their home. Never invite someone to your home. Never get in the car with someone you are meeting for the first time(I thought one guy was going to shoot me after the date ended badly). Remember that not everyone is going to be what they say they are online. Remember that some people are going to be exactly what they say they are online and if you are not interested in their description then do not lead them on. There are some realy nuts out there and some fabulously great people too. Just be safe and honest for the best result.

    I recently asked my husband what he liked about the first time we met face to face. He said that I was everything I claimed to be and he could tell that I instantly liked everything about him. It is all because we took a chance and told the truth about what we looked like in great detail that neither of us was disappointed. Honesty is very sexy!
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    Remember that not everyone is going to be what they say they are online. Remember that some people are going to be exactly what they say they are online and if you are not interested in their description then do not lead them on. There are some realy nuts out there and some fabulously great people too. Just be safe and honest for the best result.
    Very Well Said... You just have to remember that even if people are exactly who they say they are, the image you've put together online may not be exactly what you were expecting in person... You have to keep your expectations in check. Nobody's perfect and if you go into a first date expecting you be swept off your feet then more times than not you're going to be let down...

    I've had good and bad experiences meeting people online... Mostly good. All have been very nice people... None have out and out LIED about who they were, but some either left out, or otherwise didn't mention things about themselves that I didn't expect until I met them in person...
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    Two of the last three guys I dated I met online (the third was a mutual friend thing). My little tad of advice to add to all the great things Feif said....talk a lot before you agree to meet. A lot of the guys I chat with want to go out immediately or me to give them my phone number the first time we talk, nuh uh ain't gonna happen here....there's something creepy to me about meeting somebody completely out of the blue like that and I think I scare away a lot of riff raff by not being willing to meet up right away. (My last online date and I chatted for a couple of months online before I'd even give him my number, and even then I would only give him my cell so he couldn't track down where I live as easily just in case)

    I've had fantastic luck in the friendship department online, much better than my dating luck!! I've met up with probably 30 or so people from a chat game we used to play together with either me travelling to visit them or meeting up when they came on their family vacation here.

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    I met my husband online as well. I'm Norwegian & he's Californian, we met online while I was finishing college in Norway & I started going online, this was like 8 years ago. After 2 years of online chatting, I decided to fly over here & meet him. Needless to say my friends & family thought I was nuts, however I'd been chatting with this guy every day for over 2 years, we were actually friends at first & hesitant to develop any further due to the large distance between us.

    However, destiny took its course and January 15th 1998 I arrived in Los Angeles, we met... February 14th he proposed & February 23rd we were married, there was no doubt & it's been almost six years now :-)

    My husband's friends were teasing him too, he kept talking about this girl from Norway he met online lol, they were all giving him a hard time but look who's laughing now

    Anyways, online dating can be very nice. It's a great way to meet people & if you are both honest when chatting, you can get to know each other so well in a short amount of time, just because when there's a monitor in front of you, you tend to confess & say things about yourself that you normally wouldn't if you were face to face....

    But it's also important to be alert & aware that the person might not be what they seem to be when meeting.

    When me & my husband finally decided to meet, we decided that we weren't going to have ANY expectations, even if we had been romantic online. We both met with the thought that things could be very different once we met in person, that we might not get along after all etc. He was arranging for me to stay somewhere else than with his family so I would'nt be "trapped" if things didnt work out, although I never did move out since we got married so quickly hehe.

    Apart from my husband, I have met a lot of good friends online that are real life friends today.... all of them however I knew pretty well before meeting them in person.

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    My husband and I purchased our computer with the money from our wedding.. so, nope, I have never dated anyone that I met online.
    My husband and I have met about 10 online friends over the years. 3 we were happy to call friend, 7 we couldn't get away from fast enough. The interesting tid-bits they left out about themselves makes me wary of meeting online friends in the future.
    (tid-bits = wife swapping, drug smoking/sniffing, child abusing misfits that we would never associate with IRL)
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    Wow Feif! You go, girl!

    I have never done online dating, but I have met great people online (some of them here! ) All friends and one (hopeful, knock on wood, fingers crossed) sweetie.

    That said, one of my friends has a sister who just got married to someone she met through match.com.

    I think we're in a new age, and as long as you're careful, it doesn't seem like a bad thing at all. And like Feif's and Wyndmere's etc. stories, you could end up meeting the love of a lifetime! I just say be open to meeting people, no matter how that comes about. You could end up meeting "the one" that way.
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    Well, I've known my husband since the internet was but a wee infant, so no online dating here. I have made many good friends online, however. My husband also works to develop new software and a new operating system with people he's never even met in real life. So, obviously we believe that you can get to know people quite well online. You at least know that you already have something in common (i.e. anyone you would meet here would probably share your love of realitytv) which is more than you can say for some stranger you meet in the bar.
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