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Thread: Online pharmacies?

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    Online pharmacies?

    I was looking at this site, several in fact, that sells prescription drugs like xanax, vicodin, etc etc. It says you don't have to go to a doctor, just fill up a form and if the doctor they have says you can get their drugs, then it would be okay. Anyone here or someone you know purchased online before? Is that legal?

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    I'm not sure about online advertisements for prescription drugs, but I do know of a few people who order their drugs from Canada. My dad order's his diabetic drugs from a pharmacy in Canada via the internet, but he does need a prescription in order to complete the order. I wouldn't trust anything that involves ordering pharmacueticals over the internet that doesn't involve some sort of authentication.

    Side note: saw on MSNBC today that the FDA is trying to make it illegal for Americans to order drugs from Canadian companies. Makes me furious. It's ok for companies to contract out services in foreign countries because it's cheaper, yet it's illegal for us to order prescriptions because it's cheaper. It's a double standard!

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    tv_is_fake, no it's not legal to do that.

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