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Thread: The Thrill of Performing

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    The Thrill of Performing

    This past weekend, our church youth group went to the Centennial Celebration to do some volunteering. But, me and my friend Cody were asked to sing at the Clebration also and it was really cool! Like, I've sung in choirs before, but this was a whole lot different. Like, when people said they get this patriotic feeling or something like that when they saw the American Idol people do it. (We closed with that song) It was cool to see the people out there like nodding and getting into it and know that it was because of you. I know that sounds really cheesy and whatnot, but it really was a great feeling. And all the compliments afterwards weren't bad either.

    And actually, we volunteered for a company called JoePix. We took pictures of people at the Celebration and they get this card where you can go online and get your picture and e-mail it to whoever and all of that, and yeah, that night, a couple of people from our youth group were supposed to take pictures again (everyone did it that day, but they only needed a couple people to do it that night) and here's a few pictures.

    This is my group for the picture taking. It was two youth and one adult. That's None (pronounced No-knee, that's what we call her. Her name's actually Wanona), Tab (Tabitha), and me (I don't have a shortened name)

    This is me in one of those little "stick your head in the hole" thingies.

    And this is me after I had just gotten done performing. I'm with Tab cause she was one of the two people who had a camera that night.

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    I've been singing with a women's barbershop chorus and we've been really busy this month. It's really neat to see people at retirement communities getting into singing the carols with us!
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    I used to sing quite a bit in high school, and I remember an amazing feeling of adrenaline while I was singing on stage... I absolutely loved it, especially when I had a solo in my high school jazz choir. I haven't sung in quite a long time for performance, but I absolutely loved it.

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    I had that feeling too, and it came with stage fright too...

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    Colby, I'm glad that you are having a great time and making new friends. The picture looks great. Was it God Bless the USA that you and your friends sang? That is a great song. I wish that we could hear you sing.

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    Very cool Colby. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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    Colbinator! Good job!

    And great pictures! It is fun to sing in front of a crowd. I'm too jittery and geeky-nervous to sing solo, but I've done the choir thing and yes, it can be very moving.

    I'm glad you had such a great experience! And thank you for sharing it with all of us!
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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    Colby, I'm glad that you are having a great time and making new friends. The picture looks great. Was it God Bless the USA that you and your friends sang? That is a great song. I wish that we could hear you sing.
    yeah, I remember I was CRAZY nervous about moving again, but since I'm just so easy to get along with, I made friends in no time! And we actually sang like 5 or 6 songs. They were all Christian/Southern Gospel/whatever, I don't really know what you'd call it, but yeah, and we finished with God Bless the USA. It was a great time.

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    I love to sing. It's like my absolute favorite thing ever. The rush and the performing... I love it. BTW, AWESOME pics, Colb.

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