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Thread: Vent!!!!

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    If you have anything on your shoulders, or something stressing you out in life, here's your chance to get a little steam off your chest, anything goes, but please let's watch our language!!!
    I'll go first.

    We'll to start I'm very tired right now but I can't go to sleep, beacause I have to wait on my ride to work. I'll be there until 10 so I'm going to miss the Survivor finale. We have no VCR in our house to speak of so I can't record it. I need a haircut very badly. I might have to quit my job that I just started if I dont find a way too and from work. My parents will not buy me a car. I really need some more clothes and shoes. I have to work everyday this week until 10 or 12 at night and I have school the next morning, plus it's semester exam week. Even though I have a job I still have to do major chores around the house, while my unemployed 20 year old, college dropout cousin sits on his bum,......wait I got a little more, I just broke up with my girlfriend, im flunking French 2 and Geometry and its my senior year so I cant afford to fail anything. I also need to get in shape because im going to Navy boot camp in five months. My face is starting to break out, its snowy in St. Louis and I need a coat. I have an ongoing allergy problem that i havent been to the doctor to check out, on account of I have no health insurance, and to top it all off I'm still really, really tired!!! But, hey what can I do, that's life!!! I can't wait to get on my own!!! WHO's NEXT!!!
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    It's snowing in NYC right now, and soon it's gonna rain. No snow for me. No snow for anyone. So I can't pummel that damn 6th grader who threw a snowball that hit me in between my eyes last Wednesday. And it really hurt too. Bent my glasses as well.

    Also, I'm failing Social Studies and Spanish. The other subjects I don't have to worry about - yet.

    I have a lot of homework to complete, and I forgot to take notes from all of my sources for this 8-page report on dieting I wrote for science, so I only have the rest of today and Monday to make some up. Also, I have to complete my social studies homework. Usually it's easy, but this time it's insanely hard. The math homework I can do tomorrow morning, and same for music, but it's such a shame that I also find music challenging. And that worksheet I have to do is double-sided. Yay me.

    My winter jacket is giving me a rash on my chin for some unknown reason, and I can't unzip it down because then my neck will freeze. Now that I think of it, every morning I have to stand outside the subway station waiting for the people that I go to school with to show up. And what's worse, one of them claims to have a "butt-wamer" in her dad's car. So while I'm freezing my ass off in the cold, she's sitting on seats that have "butt-warmers."

    My parents are totally pissing me off. Because I have my birthday in late October, I can't get contacts until 2005, and by then I'll nearly be 14 (since I get glasses every August, and in Aug 2004 I'm still 12, technically 12 and 10 months).

    My parents are very old-world. So they're always suspicious of me. I don't think I need to go on any more about this.

    On Wednesday, during that snowball fight where I got hit between the eyes with a snowball, I also fell. It's Sunday, and my tailbone still hurts. 'Nuff said.

    There, now I feel a bit better.
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    Oh No!!!! Its Sunday! I am going to the hockey game tonight...leaving in 2 hours and I am going to miss the Survivor finale too. I am really tired right now and gonna come home and watch the finale for 3 hours on tape. Its not so much a vent, but just a shock you just gave me and I realized I have to leave soon. Thankfully I didn't wake up with a hangover.

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